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Cycling Series Hits the Drag Strip at Infineon Raceway

April 22, 2006 – The third round of the Infineon Raceway Spring Cycling Series took an exciting twist on Thursday as cyclists took to the quarter-mile drag strip for an evening of full-throttle cycling.

Against tough headwinds, Sonoma’s Tony Madrigal (Eastside Cycles) led all riders with a time of 39.743 seconds over the quarter-mile sprint. Penngrove’s Chad Cheadle (Unattached) was second with a time of 40.792, and Peter Nicholson (Petaluma, Eastside Cycles) rounded out the top three with a time of 41.161.

“It’s tough sprinting from a dead stop,” said Madrigal. “Usually when you sprint a quarter mile you are already going 25 mph, so it’s not as tough.”
In the women’s division, Kristin Drumm (Novato, Proman/Paradigm)
maintained the lead for the third straight week, clocking a time of
42.119. In the junior division, Ethan Weiss (Petaluma, Team Swift)
edged out his opponents with a time of 42.511.

In the chase for the season championship, Santa Rosa’s
Ben Standish (Dewars Racing Team) leads the A Group with 350 points,
with Kentfield’s Joshua Litwack (Uattached) trailing by only 20
points. Novato’s Jason Clymer (Soulcraft, 293), Dave Fuentes
(Berkeley, California Peddler, 180) and Darin Divine (Mill Valley, GS
Lombardi, 170) round out the top five. Points for the championship
are determined using the NASCAR points system.

The four-week series (April 6, 13, 20, 27) incorporates four
different courses that are also used for the raceway’s four major
motor-sports weekends, creating for great rider diversity. Cyclists
will compete next week on the tight Turn 11 hairpin turn.

The fourth and final round of the Spring Cycling Series returns to
Infineon Raceway on Thursday, April 27. More than $5,000 in cash and
prizes will be awarded throughout the Spring and Summer Series (Aug.
10, 17, 31 and Sept. 7). Gates open at 5 p.m., with registration at
5:15 p.m., and the race starting at 6:15 p.m. Cost is $15 per

Spring Cycling Series
Infineon Raceway
Quarter-mile Drag Strip

B Race
1. Tony Madrigal (Eastside Cycles, Sonoma)
2. Chad Cheadle (Unattached, Penngrove)
3. Peter Nicholson (Eastside Cycles Team, Petaluma)
4. Nigel Ravenhill (Eagle Cycling Club, Napa)
5. Anthony Eng (Oakland Yellowjackets, El Cerrito)

Women’s Division
1. Kristin Drumm (Proman/Paradigm, Novato)
2. Nicola Cranmer (Proman/Paradigm, Fairfax)
2. Anna Davenport (Village Peddler, Mill Valley)
4. Tracy Boraylt (Eastside Cycles, Sonoma)
5. Janelle Gunther (Davis Bike Club, Pleasanton)

Junior Division
1. Ethan Weiss (Team Swift, Petaluma)
2. Tyler Brandt (Team Swift, Fairfax)
3. Brently Campbell (Team Swift, Fulton)
4. Elliot Crosby (Unattached, Sonoma)

Points Standings
Infineon Raceway Spring Cycling Series

Group A
1. Ben Standish (Dewars Racing Team, Santa Rosa) – 350 points
2. Joshua Litwack (Unattached, Kentfield) – 330
3. Jason Clymer (Soulcraft, Novato) – 293
4. Dave Fuentes (California Peddler, Berkeley) – 180
5. Darin Divine (GS Lombardi, Mill Valley) – 170

Group B
1. Peter Nicholson (Eastside Cycles, Petaluma) – 525 points
2. Tony Madrigal (Eastside Cycles, Sonoma) – 500
3. Nigel Ravenhill (Eagle Cycling Club, Sonoma) – 485
4. Anthony Eng (Oakland Yellowjackets, El Cerrito) – 431
5. Chad Cheadle (Unattached, Penngrove) – 304

Women’s Division
1. Kristin Drumm (Proman/Paradigm, Novato) – 540 points
2. Anna Davenport (Village Peddler, Mill Valley) – 500
3. Janelle Gunther (Davis Bike Club, Pleasanton) – 461
4. Margrett Lewis (Tridogs, Sonoma) – 443
5. Tracy Barhydt (Eastside Cycles, Sonoma) – 330

Junior Division
1. Brently Campbell (Team Swift, Fulton) – 510 points
2. Ethan Weiss (Team Swift, Petaluma) – 350
3. Tyler Brandt (Team Swift, Fairfax) – 350
4. Elliot Crosby (Unattached, Sonoma) – 320

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