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Cycling Questionnaire

January 31, 2006 – You may have heard that some of us are working with the Social Marketing Program of Seneca College to produce advertising materials to encourage youth to take up competitive cycling.

It would help if you could email me back a summary of your personal reasons why you race (road, mountain and/or BMX). Your answers will form the basis of a creative brief to the students.

If possible please answer:
– What cycling means to you?
– Why did you start cycling?
– Why did you start competitive cycling?
– What is/was you path through (ex BMX to mountain to road, or, some other sport to ____)?
– Why you continue the addiction, and – what personal (non-monetary) benefits does cycling give you?

How would you classify your cycling addiction?
Rare (casual) Hard core competitor
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Approximately how many km/miles do ride in a year?

Number of years you have personally ridden bikes (include childhood years)?

Your number of years you have been a competitive cyclist?

One last request please pass this questionnaire around to any other cyclist you know (casual to hard-core) or post it on any blog/forum or whatever. Please try to answer before April 1.

send to: cfagan@sympatico.ca Craig Fagan

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