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Cycling Personality Brings Talents To Olympic Torch Relay

release by the CCA

November 20, 2009 – Randy Ferguson of Montréal is well known to many members of the Canadian cycling community as the announcer and master of ceremonies for cycling races held in Canada, predominantly Québec, that benefit from his fluency in both official languages and his genuine love for cycling. Randy was selected to join the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games Torch Relay as the Master of Ceremonies as the torch makes its way around the country towards the Games official Opening Ceremonies.

CCA: Would you explain what your Olympic Torch Relay duties will be?
Randy: I have the great privilege and honour to be the Master of Ceremonies for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch Relay. My duties consist of telling the story of and welcoming the Olympic Flame to the Community Celebrations, twice a day. These celebrations are a coming together as one that not only celebrates the power, the magic and the values of the Flame but to showcase local heroes and talent. Being Canada’s Games VANOC (Vancouver Organizing Committee) deemed it essential that we engage Canadians to be active participants in the Games. It is up to me and the team to make sure that each community grasps the importance of the moment and especially that they enjoy THEIR Olympic moment!

CCA: What was the process for you to be selected to this position?
Randy: I actually knocked on many doors to get to where I am today. As usual in this business it is really “who you know” that opens doors. I met a gentleman newly arrived to the CCA this past summer who had seen me MC the Canadian Road and Mountain bike championships and he got in touch with some former colleagues who are now at VANOC and highly recommended my candidacy. A few weeks later I had a video interview with the people at VANOC and the rest is history!

CCA: How many Canadian cities and towns will you visit along the Torch Route – beginning and ending dates?
Randy: We started the 2010 Olympic Torch Relay in Victoria on October the 30th 2009 and we will go straight through to Vancouver to deliver the Flame to the doors of the opening ceremonies on February the 12th 2010. The Vancouver 2010 Torch Relay is the longest domestic Relay in Olympic history. It is a 45000 KM journey, over 106 days that will visit 1,035 Canadian communities and there will be 189 community celebrations. We will visit many historic locations, provincial capitals; national capital, former Olympic host cities (Montreal & Calgary), aboriginal and First Nations hamlets and villages, Armed Force Bases and we will travel to the arctic with a stop at Canadian Forces Station in Alert (Nunavut). This stop will write a new page in Olympic history as it will be the furthest north the Flame has ever traveled.

CCA: What have you done to prepare for this once in a lifetime role?
Randy: Sleeping lots hahahaha! Seriously, getting as much info as possible on the different communities we are visiting. Who are some local heroes, former and present Olympians, community volunteers, historical facts. The most important thing will be to talk directly to the heart and soul of the community. Make it a custom show 189 times over!

CCA: What does this Olympic Torch Relay mean to you and to Canadians?
Randy: For me it’s all about giving back to others, all that I have received over the years! My Olympic dream started as a 7-year-old growing-up in Montreal. During the summer of 1976 I spent everyday of the Games at events or on-site. I discovered the power and the magic of the Olympics. The main reason I’m doing what I’m doing today, is because of the seed that was sewn during the Games in Montreal. So for me, I feel the need to share this with all Canadians, young and old. This is our moment as Canadians to shine! Every Canadian touched by the Olympic Torch Relay will hopefully take its power and magic away with them and share it with everyone in their life’s. Its important that we all spread the message of Peace, Hope and Friendship it delivers. Finally, as per the spirit of the Olympic Truce, we hope this experience will inspire Canadians to make their own peace in their world. That they will be the change they wish to see and in the end will let their Olympic Flame light the fire of possibility inside someone else.

I invite all the Canadian cycling community to come out and share the spirit of the Olympic Flame at local Community Celebrations. Show your pride as Canadian cyclists! Stop by and say Hi! You can follow a detailed map of the route at www.Vancouver2010.com. I have also started a very basic Blog that you can follow here. I try to update it regularly with stories and pictures.

If you are at Whistler Olympic park during the Games come and say hello I will be there for the Cross-Country skiing. A big thank you to the CCA/ACC for giving me this opportunity and I’m proud to bring a bit of the Canadian cycling community on this amazing journey! See you all soon and enjoy the Games, wear Red and show your pride by giving your voice to our athletes! “Life’s a Dream and if you ain’t living it, Wake up!” – Anonymous

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