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Cycling Performance Spring 2009 Supercamp

release by Jeremy Storie/Spring 2009 Supercamp

January 25, 2009 – Designed to improve cycling performance for riders of all disciplines, the Spring Supercamp has a particular focus on male and female developing riders aged 16-30 that race at a category 3 or higher level and have made a commitment to cycling. The mix of group road riding and racing as well as track riding will be held over 9 days and help riders start off a new season.

Led by NCCP Level 3 cycling coach, Jeremy Storie, the Supercamp starts on Friday evening with rider arrival and  orientation and continues with road races each Saturday and Sunday followed by road and track training sessions on the weekdays between. Riders will leave the Supercamp with a better understanding of competitive cycling and with a fresh start for the 2009 season.

The Supercamp is designed to improve all disciplines of racing with a week of optimized training for each rider grouping appropriate levels together. The on-bike training sessions are geared around road and track riding and will take place on quiet back roads of the Fraser Valley area and at the Burnaby Velodrome. Be assured that the skills and fitness developed on the road and track are completely transferable to off-road riding and racing. Final details and itinerary will be sent to all participants after March 1, 2009.

What to bring
All participants should arrive at camp with a road bike in good mechanical condition, with a full rear fender.
A mud flap is also mandatory for the comfort of those riding behind you. In addition, please be sure to bring a pump, spare tubes, some basic tools, helmet  and appropriate cycling clothing. If you have your own track bike then please bring it as well or a rental bike will be provided to you at the track. Finally, a valid 2009 Cycling B.C. or other provincial license is required. US riders are welcome but must have international license.

Deadlines and Costs
The cost of the SUPERCAMP is $200 and includes fully vehicle supported rides with spare wheels, training food and drink, rider to follow car communication, pre race planning and post race analysis, track video analysis, track time, track bike rental if needed, and coaching fees. Accommodation, velodrome drop in fees,  food and travel to the camp and daily meeting place are the responsibility of the participant. Riders wishing to road race at the camp can pay entry fees to camp and all race registration will be looked after. Race fees are $25/race.  The deadline for registration is March 1, 2009. Refunds, less $50 administrative fee given up to March 7, 2009. A full refund will be given to those with a valid medical condition. No refunds after March 7, 2009. Payment in full for the course should accompany the registration form, with cheques payable to “Jeremy Storie”. Form is to be emailed in and then hard copy mailed with cheque.

Cycling Performance Spring 2009 Supercamp Itinerary
– Friday March 13 – 7 pm camp orientation meeting/dinner. Venue TBA
– Saturday March 14 – Road ride with recon of race courses for week.
– Sunday March 15 – Spring race near Fort Langley 80-120 km 3 to 4 hours
– Monday March 16 – Recovery road ride 2.5 to 3 hours
– Tuesday March 17 – Road ride with team time trial work and hilly circuit, 4 hours+
– Wednesday March 18 – AM Recovery road ride 2 hours PM Track session with video analysis
– Thursday March 19 – AM Track session with skills work PM Road ride with drills 3 hours
– Friday March 20 – AM Recovery road ride 2 hours PM Track session with video analysis
– Saturday March 21 – Spring race in Fraser Valley  110-130 km, 4 to 5 hours
– Sunday March 22 – Spring Race in Fraser Valley, 120-140 km, 4 to 5 hours, followed by camp wrap up and review, dinner.

All weekend race information and details can be found here.

For the Cycling Performance Spring 2009 Supercamp Application form click here.

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