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Cycling Canada Launches “Hop On” Campaign

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Hop ON PMApril 13, 2015 – “Hop on.” It’s more than a campaign line. It’s a rallying cry. Since 1882, Cycling Canada has embodied the spirit of this simple phrase. They’ve challenged cyclists of all ages and abilities to embrace the sport and contribute to Canada’s reputation of a leading cycling nation.

With the Pan Am Games just around the corner, Canadian cyclists will be able to build off of past successes and show what they can do on the world stage.

What cycling sport is for you?

Cycling Canada is the heart of cycling in the country, attracting athletes from all backgrounds and disciplines.

BMX is like a motocross event where the engines are replaced with pedals. More than just an affordable alternative to motorized dirt racing, this extreme sport is a real test of control and explosive power. Races are short, but intense.

Road racing takes place on existing country and city roads where riders compete against others of the same age and experience. Often held as mass-start, long-distance races from point A to point B, road races can also be held on shorter circuits with many laps or over many days with individual stages, like the world’s best-known cycling event, the Tour de France.

Mountain biking is hard to pin down as any one thing. With so many race types, such as downhill, hill climb, trials, cross-country, and more, mountain biking’s common thread is conquering off-road surfaces full of natural obstacles, like roots and rocks.

Track cycling is all about speed and endurance. Smooth, often wooden surfaces, ensure no obstacles get in the rider’s way — aside from other competitors, of course. These velodromes have steeply banked sides of up to 45° that allow riders to hit exhilarating speeds, sometimes exceeding 85 km/h.

Para-cycling events match riders with the same abilities. Para-cyclists make use of bicycles, tricycles, handbikes, or tandem bikes to compete in a wide variety of road and track events against riders using similar equipment. Four main rider groups exist: handcycling, blind and visual impairment, cerebral palsy, and locomotor disabilities.

Cyclo-cross challenges cyclists to navigate the terrain however they see fit. This mix of road, cross country, and mountain biking often gets too steep, muddy, or rugged to ride, so riders will dismount and carry their bikes until the obstacle is cleared. This fall-to-winter sport is intense and dirty.

How Cycling Canada helps

As committed as Cycling Canada is to helping the sport flourish nationwide, they can’t do it alone. By partnering with organizations, such as the Coaching Association of Canada and provincial and territorial cycling associations, Cycling Canada is able to offer development programs for coaches. In doing so, they ensure that novice and professional cyclists get the training and support they need.

Additionally, Cycling Canada connects certified coaches and instructors with organizers, officials, event volunteers, and other staff. In maintaining a strong network nationwide, Cycling Canada is able to help promote a sport that is beloved by so many Canadians.

How to Hop On

If you’re ready to take your love of cycling to the next level, go to HopOnCanada.ca to learn how you can ride, cheer, and show your support for this great sport. You’ll also find our new commercial, athlete interviews, Cycling Canada merchandise, and more.

The ongoing success of Canadian cycling depends on valued volunteers who give freely of their time, experience, and expertise. So, whatever your level of involvement, we’re asking you to take the challenge: Hop On, Canada.

This innovative campaign was developed by Innocean Worldwide Canada Inc. with the support of numerous creative and production partners.  We will be adding stories and information to the site each month leading to the 2015 Pan American Games and the 2016 Olympic Games.

About Cycling Canada
Cycling Canada is the governing body for competitive cycling in Canada. Founded in 1882, Cycling Canada aims to create and sustain an effective system that develops talented Canadian cyclists to achieve Olympic, Paralympic, and World Championship medal performances. With the vision of being a leading competitive cycling nation by 2020 celebrating enhanced international success, increased national participation and world class event hosting, Cycling Canada manages the High-Performance team, hosts national and international events and administers community programs to promote Cycling in Canada. For more information, please visit: www.cyclingcanada.ca

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