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Cycling Canada Correction of Comments on Salas Anti-Doping Rule Violation

release by Cycling Canada

January 23, 2014 (Ottawa, ON) – Following a release today by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) in relation to the Sebastian Salas anti-doping rule violation for Tampering, Cycling Canada offers this correction. (read the CCES release here)

Cycling Canada regrets any misunderstanding comments made by our President, John Tolkamp may have caused related to the Sebastian Salas anti-doping rule violation.

The comments were based on arguments contained in the submissions prepared for the hearing.  None of these arguments were proven before the arbitrator.

The athlete chose not to go to a hearing and admitted the infraction and accepted the sanction.

We now understand that CCES’ primary position would have relied on the athlete’s failure to report to doping control and not manipulation of the sample.

Further particulars regarding the violation should be directed to the CCES.

Any persons with knowledge of doping activities may contact the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport at: (1-800-710-CCES) or by email at intelligence@cces.ca.

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  1. Ben Aroundo, ON, Canada says:

    Four year bans and huge fines for riders, coaches, team sponsors and team doctors should take care of the problem.

    Riders that know cheaters have to speak up and not accept them in the peloton.

    You know, Lance Armstrong could have chosen to be the WHITE KNIGHT to clean up the sport but instead chose to be the shinning black knight of the Dark Side.

    We as fans have to appreciate all efforts and results from riders who are clean over victories of cheating athletes.

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