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Cycling BC School Programs Update

release by Cycling BC
October 31, 2011 – Cycling BC representatives have been busy this month, bringing the joy of cycling and physical activity to kids at various schools. Kids were taught new skills and given the opportunity to test them through fun activities. Read the latest updates from Cycling BC’s school programs below.

Killarney School Cycling Program
Killarney’s Cycling Club is off to a great start. The motivation was high, all were enjoying the talks and later the bike riding.

It started off with an introduction of Tim, Jeff and Conan. All the budding young riders were very interested in the experiences of riding and racing bikes, who Cycling BC is, and why they all love riding so much.

The goal was to practice riding slowly and smoothly through the narrow and twisty course, and to not hit any cones

Day at Maple Creek Middle School
Cycling BC was lucky enough to be one of the presenters at Maple Creek Middle School’s Health and Wellness Day.

60 kids signed up to participate in our program. The day consisted of 4 sessions with 15 youth each lasting for 40 minutes.

A lot of skills and bike knowledge were covered during the afternoon session and left the kids excited to ride over the weekend and come back next week for more practice.

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