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Cyclemeisters is Looking for Cat 1/2 Riders for 2010

release by Bow Cycle

November 19, 2009 – Cyclemeisters (CMC/Bow Cycle) continues to be one of the top cycling clubs in Western Canada with a 36 year history of strong competitive performances. For 2010 the team is looking to expand their top level squad with the goal of creating an efficient group of dedicated road and track racers who will be committed to racing as a team.

We will remain an amateur squad but will operate as a cohesive unit to provide up-and-coming talent with opportunities to showcase their skills before making the step to a semi-pro outfit.

The focus of the team will be on the Alberta road race series with special focus on the National and Provincial championships along with a select mix of marquee events in Western Canada and the Northwest US.

If you are interested in playing a part in the development of Calgary’s next cycling powerhouse please contact us at craigdeb@shaw.ca with your cycling resume and a list of your goals for upcoming 2010 season.

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