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Cycle Solutions Ontario Cup Super D #3

release by Sirbikealot Racing

June 19, 2011 – The Cycle Solutions Ontario Cup Super D #3 went off on a warm Saturday afternoon. A course that saw a mix of tight singletrack, so wide open field sprints were part of the DH course, threw everything it could at the racers. A highly skilled field of competitors showed up including Mike Garrigan (Lapierre Canada) and Mike Hermanovsky (Silent Norco). By the time the dust settled the podiums looked like this:


Super D #3 Men Over 30
1. Dylan Elliott (Pedal Power)
2. Peter Appleton (Lapierre)
3. Jeremy Vreudinghil

Super D #3 Men Under 30
1. Mike Garrigan (Lapierre)
2. Mike Hermanovsky (Silent Norco)
3. Jeff Faulds (Silent Norco)

Super D #3 Women
1. Jenn Leblanc
2. Jennifer Valentine

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