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Cycle Solutions Ontario Cup DH Provincial Championships and Finals Aug 12/13

August 14, 2006 – Well this was a weekend where dreams came true. 26 degrees, sun and clouds, a cool lake, a Fuel Bar and Premium Plus eating contest for Titec swag, the movie ROAM projected in the parking lot theatre and a course that had been buffed and prepped all week long (thanks Matt and Willy) not to mention the biggest race of the year; the Provincial Championships!

And boy it did not disappoint, over 300 racers got into the start gates over the weekend and it resulted in the FASTEST TIME EVER on the famous “Q-Cup” course by Peter McLean, this guy is a full time career engineer and then comes out when he can to rip it like no one else!!!

Provincial Championship Results, Aug 12

Junior Expert
1. Alex Conlon, Privateer Quebec 2:58.668
2. Lee Boeyen, Privateer Quebec 3:00.909
3. Adrien Lavoie, Privateer Quebec 3:02.997

1. Genevieve Gagnon, Quebec 3:18.119
2. Celina Moore, Race / Momentum Barrie 3:26.038
3. Sheila Morris, Race / Momentum Barrie 3:47.988

Elite Men
1. Peter McLean, Sweet Pete`s Etobicoke 2:41.185
2. Derek Cowell, Norco Factory Team Brampton 2:45.658
3. Matt Woods, Privateer Gatineau, QC 2:52.201

DH Finals, Aug 13

Junior Expert
1. Lee Boeyen, Privateer Quebec 2:37.852
2. Alex Conlon, Privateer Quebec 2:38.298
3. Willy Cadham, Privateer Ottawa, QC 2:42.166

1. Genevieve Gagnon Quebec 3:03.195
2. Celina Moore Race / Momentum Barrie 3:04.288
3. Anne Laplante 3:12.926

Elite Men
1. Peter McLean Sweet Pete`s Etobicoke 2:24.299
2. Derek Cowell Norco Factory Team Brampton 2:25.964
3. Justin Brown Norco Factory Team Brampton2:30.327

I can’t thank enough our amazing support staff for an amazing year of DH: Lee Allen (right hand man), Kris Somers (MC/DJ), Allan Hawley and his timing staff Jackie and Greg, Camp Fortune Pro Patrol , Matt Woods the course builder and Camp Fortune staff (Peter and Pierre), WANT beverages for taking over the BBQ and ofcourse the amazing volunteers and sponsors: Cycle-Solutions.com Bike Store, Norco Performance Bikes, Kenda Tires, Titec Components, WANT beverages, BMO, CIBC, Dropmachine.com, Wallace Precision Cycles, Kreater Custom Motorcycles , Privateer Racing, Hydro One and Wrex Racing Gear

For all results and Ontario Cup DH/4X racing info go to

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