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Cycle Solutions DH#2 Race Report by Lapierre Bikes

release by Sirbikealot Racing

May 20, 2009 – The second stop in the 2009 DH series took us to the fabled Heights of Horseshoe, the only location in Ontario to ever host a Canada Cup Nationals DH race. This year would prove to test the riders with a brand new lower course (thanks Shane and crew). Filled with big berms, ruts and wide open fast flat turns, you needed to have some serious bike skills to complete this course with a winning time in any category!

In one of the great battles of the day, the Hardtail 19 and over men pushed their rigid rear bikes to the max and came out with some rippin times. In the end Rob Fraser (Primary-Trek) pulled it out with a blazing time, with the two craziest riders in the series pulling out 2nd and 3rd, Tommy Lucas (Impala bikes) and Andrew Robinson (Impala bikes).

1. Rob Fraser (Primary-Trek Pickering) 2:05.230
2. Tommy Lucas (Impala Bicycles Kendal) 2:12.524
3. Andrew Robinson (Impala Bicycles Kendal) 2:17.151

The women’s cat was a tough one when Cassandra Boone (Sweet Petes), the 2002 national DH Champ decided to show up. She pulled out some of her old form and took the gold with Kristen Courtney in 2nd and Monika Luebke in a solid 3rd.

1. Cassandra Boon (Sweet Pete’s Toronto) 2:24.06
2. Kristen Courtney (Brantford) 2:37.556
3. Monika Luebke (Mississauga) 2:50.171

Sunday’s DH race day brought us some sunnier weather and perfect May racing conditions, the spectators lined the course waiting to see who would rule the tried and true rock garden to rock drop.

As the elites began to make their runs everyone was putting down bets on whether or not anyone could break the 2min mark. As the best of the best crossed the line, we knew it would happen. However it was a BC rider and Canada Cup title contender who crossed the line first, Dean Tennant (Primary Trek) pulled off an amazing 1:54 for first place, it was Matt Zdriluk (Commencal) less than a second behind him and Rob Fraser (Primary Trek) pulling in a great 3rd place finish.

1. Dean Tennant (Primary-Trek Sidney, British Columbia) 1:54.9
2. Matt Zdriluk (Commencal Beamsville) 1:55.393
3. Rob Fraser (Primary-Trek Pickering)1:57.299
4. Josh DeCloet (Commencal Turkey Point) 1:58.734
5. Justin Brown (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny’s RacingBrampton) 1:59.276

This weekends huge attendance is a testament to the amazing DH/Super D community that lives in Ontario, while other race series are down in numbers we are up! Congrats for keeping the race seen thriving Ontario.
Next event is just 2 weeks away as our first 4X race gets under way at Track 2000.

We can’t thank enough our amazing support staff, Lee Allen, Kris Somers (MC/DJ), Allan Hawley and his timing staff, Ski Pro Patrol and staff (Kris and John) and of course the amazing volunteers and sponsors:
Cycle-Solutions.com Bike Store, Lapierre Bikes, Norco Performance Bikes , Kenda Tires, Titec Components, Dropmachine.com, POC Protection, Harveys, Fatlip clothing, Industry Bike park, Ontario Cycling Association and X-Fusion shocks.

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