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Cycle-Smart International CX Day 1 Report, Results – Elliott 5th, St. John 16th

release by Verge NECXS

November 02, 2014 (Northampton, MA) – The 24th edition of the Cycle-Smart International Cyclocross unfolded on a redesigned course masterfully incorporating new challenges with the classic elements of this renowned race. CSI CX is the 3rd and 4th Round of the 2014 Verge New England Cyclocross Series, America’s longest-running and most prestigious UCI cyclocross series.

Natasha Elliott  ©  Ethan Glading

A cold rain began to fall around midday, causing slippery conditions on course that changed lines from lap to lap. The superstars of Northeast cyclocross were all there to prove themselves up to the challenge of this tough course and the difficult conditions. Racers battled for leader’s jerseys in the series competitions, and also for podium cookies baked by JAM Fund racer Ellen Noble.

Gabby Durrin (Team Neon Velo) took the hole shot in the Elite Women’s race and never looked back. Mo Bruno Roy (Bob’s Red Mill p/b Seven Cycles) and Ellen Noble (JAM Fund/NCC) chased hard through the slick mud, deftly maneuvering tough corners and technical trail sections. A chase group amassed behind them, including Jenny Ives (Verge Sport), Cassie Maximenko (Rare Vos Racing/Van Dessel/Power Bar), Britlee Bowman (House Industries/SimpleHuman/Richard Sachs), Natasha Elliott (Cycle-Smart), Kate Northcott (NESS Racing), and Elizabeth White (UVM Cycling).

While Durrin remained in control with a steady gap on the field, the chasers’ aggressive tactics shook up the top ten and made for very exciting racing. Noble rode away from the rest of the chasers, while Elizabeth White made bold moves to bridge up to Noble with less than a lap to go. However, Noble remained collected and maintained her second place spot in the end. White claimed third, and Durrin won a tremendous win with an amazing ride.

With their amazing rides today, Gabby Durrin has moved into the Elite Women’s Verge New England Cyclocross Series lead, and Ellen Noble now wears the U23 Elite Women’s leader’s jersey.

Stephen Hyde  ©  Todd Prekaski

Right from the whistle, Stephen Hyde (JAM Fund/NCC) was on the attack, masterfully tackling whatever the course and changing conditions threw his way. A huge chase group formed to try to bring Hyde back: Dan Timmerman (House Industries/SimpleHuman/Richard Sachs), Jake Wells (Stan’s NoTubes Elite CX), Adam Craig (Giant Factory Off-Road Team), race founder Adam Myerson (Cycle-Smart), Jeremy Durrin (Team Neon Velo), and Jerome Townsend (Joe’s Garage p/b BikeReg.com). Timmerman and Craig escaped the larger chase group to battle for podium spots. Craig used his unparalled handling skills to leave Timmerman behind, as Wells hovered a few seconds back.

In a tactic similar to Hyde’s winning strategy at Providence’s KMC Cyclo-cross Festival, the talented racer gained enough of a lead on the field that he could work his way through the challenging course on his own terms. Hyde never grew complacent, however, and raced with ferocity even when his gap back to Craig was up to thirty seconds. In his first time racing here at Cycle-Smart International, Hyde won an amazing victory. Craig cruised across the line in second, and Timmerman rounded out the podium. Wells rode through for fourth as the remaining chasers hit the finishing stretch all together. Townsend got Myerson right at the line in an exciting sprint for fifth.

With the points earned in his podium finish, Dan Timmerman claims the Verge New England Cyclocross Series Elite Men’s lead, while Scott Smith (JAM Fund/NCC) narrowly won the U23 Elite Men’s lead today.


1. Gabby Durrin (Neon Velo Cycling Team)  0:38:16
2. Ellen Noble (JAM Fund / NCC)  0:41
3. Elizabeth White (UVM Cycling)  0:46
4. Kate Northcott (NESS Team New England)  0:55
5. Natasha Elliott (Cycle-Smart Elite Team)
6. Cassandra Maximenko (Rare Vos Racing/Van Dessel/PowerBar)  1:19
7. Rebecca Fahringer (JAM Fund / NCC)  1:24
8. Jenny Ives (Verge Sport-Test Pilot)  1:25
9. Maureen Bruno roy (Bob’s Red Mill p/b Seven Cycles)
11. Christina Birch (JAM Fund / NCC)  1:53
12. Nikki Thiemann (Rare Disease Cycling)  2:21
13. Catherine Sterling (Bikeman.com)
14. Jessica Duppler (Colonial Bicycle Company)  2:34
15. Erin Faccone (GPM Sport)  2:47
16. Jenni Gaertner (Vertical Earth)  2:50
17. Frances Morrison (C3-Twenty20 Cycling Co.)  2:56
18. Joanne Grogan (Cyclocrossracing.com)  3:04
19. Emily Reynolds (Ladies First Racing)  3:17
20. Anna Dingman (TRT Bicycles)  3:19
21. Melissa Seib (BIKEMAN.COM)  3:42
22. Vickie Monahan (NYCROSS p/b Craft)  3:43
23. Leslie Timm (Ladies First Racing)  3:46
24. Melody Chase (Gus cx / Raleigh)  3:54
25. Bryna Blanchard (North American Velo)  4:07
26. Roni Vetter (Blue Steel Cyclery/Mad Alchemy Ride)  4:11
27. Stephanie Wetzel (MidAtlantic Colavita Women’s Team)  4:27
28. Nicole Pisani (Bikeman.com)  4:29
29. Allyson Tufano (Sportif Coaching Group/Patapsco Bik)  4:32
30. Marsa Daniel (Team Group Health)  4:50
31. Kathryn Cumming (Team Yacht Club)
32. Kathryn Roszko (BikeReg.com)  4:59
33. Laura Van Gilder (Van Dessel p/b Mellow Mushroom)  5:16
34. Elizabeth Lukowski (NYCROSS p/b Craft)  5:29
35. Christine Fort (pedalpowertraining.com)  5:36
36. Christin Christoph (NYCROSS p/b Craft)  5:47
37. Melissa Presnell (Rogue velo racing)  5:49
38. Melissa Lafleur (Royal Mills p/b Graphic Innovations)  6:31
39. Jane Sheridan rossi (Rhode Island School of Design)  7:15
40. Katrina Niez (Class Cycle / Ovens of France)  8:22
41. Jordan Dubé (Keough Cyclocross)  8:25


1. Stephen Hyde (JAM Fund / NCC)  0:59:54
2. Adam Craig (Giant Factory Off-Road Team)  0:43
4. Jake Wells (Stan’s NoTubes Elite CX)  1:15
5. Jerome Townsend (Joe’s Garage CX p/b BikeReg.com)  1:20
6. Adam Myerson (Cycle-Smart)
7. Jeremy Durrin (Neon Velo Cycling Team)  1:25
8. Dylan McNicholas (POLARTEC)  1:27
9. Christian Favata (TRT BICYCLES)  1:32
10. Anthony Clark (JAM Fund / NCC)  1:55
11. Hugo Robinson (Neon Velo)  2:29
13. Scott Smith (Jam Fund / NCC)  3:24
14. Joachim Parbo (Challenge Tires)  3:34
15. Josh Dillon (Joe’s Garage CX p/b BikeReg.com)  3:36
16. Derrick St. John (TRP Factory Racing)  3:39
17. Michael Garrigan (Van Dessel/ Challenge/ POC)  3:49
18. Kevin Noiles (Voler/Steven’s Creek B.M.W./HRS/Roc)  3:52
19. Jack Kisseberth (Tufts University)  4:29
20. Nicholas Keough (Keough Cyclocross)  4:42
21. Michael Wissell (Cuppow/Geekhouse/B2C2)  4:48
22. Erik Box (Independent)  4:54
23. Adam St. Germain (ENGVT – Specialized)  5:22
24. Cody Lacosta (High Gear cyclery/ Trek)  5:43
25. Manny Goguen (RACE CF | racecf.org @racecf)  5:54
26. Kacey Campbell (Hammer Nutrition)  5:57
27. Cory Small (UVM Cycling)  6:19
28. Tim Ratta (Expo wheelmen)  6:23
29. Derek Hardinge (Darkhorse Flyers)  6:26
30. Colin Reuter (crossresults.com)  6:29
31. Jean-philippe Thibault-roberge (Trek Cyclocross Collective)  6:38
32. Alec Hoover (Table Rock Tours)  7:00
33. Thomas Sampson (adigga racing)  7:21
34. Cary Fridrich (JRA CYCLES)
35. Joseph Clemenzi (team POC+Ritte)  7:32
36. Sean Pantellere (STAMPEDE!)  7:36
37. Jules Goguely (Rhode Island School of Design)  8:11
38. Ian Schon (Cuppow/Geekhouse/B2C2)  8:26
39. Matthew Sousa (Cuppow/Geekhouse/B2C2)  8:44
40. Adam Sullivan (Grinta Cycling Team)   -3Laps
41. Jesse Quagliaroli (Expowheelmen)   -3Laps
42. William Johnson (Deluxe/No.22/Cadence)   -3Laps
43. Charlie Schubert (CUPPOW/Geekhouse/B2C2)   -3Laps
44. Devin Wagner (NYCROSS p/b Craft)   -3Laps
45. David Devine (unattached)   -3Laps
46. Preston Buehrer (B2C2 p/b Boloco)   -3Laps
47. Joseph Near (Massachusetts Institute of Technolo)   -3Laps
48. Wil Etherington (VERGE SPORT / UNOVELO)   -4Laps
49. AJ Moran (GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipcar)   -4Laps
50. Andrew Louiza (Thump Cycling p/b Turin)   -4Laps
51. John Eckert (STAMPEDE)   -4Laps
52. Ford Murphy (B2C2 p/b Boloco)   -4Laps
53. Aaron Oakes (NYCROSS p/b Craft)   -5Laps
DNF  Tyler Berliner (Joe’s Garage p/b BikeReg.com)
DNF  Jesse Keough (Keough Cyclocross)
DNF  John Burns (Burns Racing)
DNF  Mark D’avino (Toasted Head Racing/Cadence Cycling)
DNF  Christopher Merola (Laughing Dog)

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