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Cycle Ontario Alliance Conference

August 22, 2005 – Please join the Cycle Ontario Alliance and our local hosts (Hamilton, and Burlington Cycling Advisory Committees and the McMaster Alternative Commuting and Transportation Office) in Hamilton this fall for a day of discussion and information exchange around cycling issues and topics.

The proposed itinerary has great speakers, presentations, and lots of opportunities for networking and interaction including:

– an informal reception on Friday night (Oct. 21) on campus at the Phoenix Pub from 7pm to 11:00pm
– a Sunday am (Oct. 23) bike ride, and
– for the day of the conference (Oct. 22) a keynote guest speaker with sessions and poster displays on topics such as:

– Current cycling plans – How relevant and transferable are they?
– More than infrastructure: successful community cycling programs
– The potential for cycling in Ontario
– How effective are current cycling skill education programs?
– Kyoto Agreement — getting policies and projects that benefit cycling
– How to plan events and help your advocacy efforts?
– Facility design: Managing Risk and Liability
– Facility design: Provincial Highway Interchanges
– Marketing COA (including products and services such as insurance
– Poster session – What’s happening for cyclists in your community, or
What have you done to promote cycling?

Abstracts not exceeding 200 words are invited for presentations (under 20 min.) and/or poster session topics with a short biography of less than one page by Sept. 5, 2005 (Re: COA Conference Abstract) to 2005conference@CycleOntario.ca Note AV presentation and poster session needs. Replies expected by mid September. Agenda and registration details can be found soon on the Cycle Ontario Alliance web site www.CycleOntario.ca . For more information please contact: John van der Mark, Program Committee (905) 628-4292CYCLE ONTARIO ALLIANCE

“Working for a more
bicycle friendly Ontario”

Tentative Times – 9:30am to 4:00pm, Registration at 9:00am

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Cycle Ontario Alliance Conference

July 3, 2005 – Hamilton welcomed the World Championship Cycling in 2003. The event was spectacular but opportunities for a more bicycle and friendly Ontario were greatly missed. Now Hamilton will welcome the other cyclists, the ones working for a more bicycle and friendly Ontario!

The Cycle Ontario Alliance is building upon its first and highly successful Bringing Cyclists Togetherî conference held in Ottawa in 2002. Details about the Hamilton conference will be forthcoming once the program has been confirmed, but we will be looking to have a day that can provide great speakers, presentations, and lots of opportunities for networking and interaction around cycling issues and topics. An informal reception the night before (Friday October 21) and possibly a cycle ride on the day after the conference (Sunday October 23) is also being considered.

Please note the conference date, Saturday, October 22, in your diary, join us and let others know about this event!

For more information about the Cycle Ontario Alliance please go to our web
site at www.cycleontario.ca

Issie Chackowicz and David Hunt
Conference Promotion

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