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Cycle Canada Unveils New Jersey

January 3, 2005 – Cycle Canada has released the official cycling jersey for the first annual staging of The Crossing.

The jersey design includes an Inukshuk (or Inuksuk) and the North Star, two strong Canadian symbols for travellers.

– Inukshuks are man-made stone monuments that First Nation people
traditionally have used as guides on the land and to mark sacred and other
special places. Cyclists in Canada will often come across inukshuks in
their travels and it is becoming a tradition for cyclists to build their own.

– The North Star has for centuries been the mariner’s guide for navigation
in the Northern Hemisphere.

For riders and sponsors participating in The Crossing, merchandising
opportunities may be available for qualified sponsors.For more details on
the Inukshuk jersey visit. Visit:


The Crossing is a timed bicycle ride across Canada. Daily average distances will be 185 km (115 miles). There will be several days of 200-plus kilometres in the schedule. Total distance of the ride from Vancouver to Halifax will be 6750 kilometres (4,200 miles).

Dates for The Crossing in 2005 will be July 2 to August 14. There are 37
riding days in the schedule over seven stages. Each stage will be followed by a rest day. Stages are The Pacific, The Rockies, The Prairies, The Canadian Shield, The Lakes, The Rivers and The Atlantic.

Riders enter as solo participants or as two-person tandem team, either as a same-gender team or a mixed team. Cyclists can participate as sponsored or unsponsored riders. Special arrangements can be made for a team with a
different rider on each segment. Results will be recorded by age and
gender using standard seniors and masters cyclists categories. For a
tandem team or a segment team, the age category will be based on the
youngest rider.

This is a challenging ride. Participants must follow a vigorous pre-ride
training schedule. Riders should be prepared for a daily ride of 200-plus
kilometres before the start of the trip. Several century-plus rides (100
miles or more) should be part of the spring training schedule.

Cycle Canada, The Veloforce Corporation is a national cycling event
management organization that has been staging challenging rides throughout
Canada since 1988. Cycle Canada is owned by Bud Jorgensen, a longtime
recreational cyclist and cycling advocate. Bud is founder of Tour du
Canada, an annual coast to coast ride through all 10 provinces. Cycle
Canada has its head office in Alliston, Ontario.

Details about the ride can be found online at

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