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CSP Pacific and INFINIT Nutrition Form Partnership

March 2, 2008 – Two names recognized for helping athletes get to the podium are breaking new ground with a partnership unique in Canada. The Canadian Sport Centre Pacific (CSC Pacific) and INFINIT Nutrition Canada have developed a nutritional supplement product line with sport-specific formulations for training, racing and recovery.

“Our staff has worked closely with INFINIT to fill the gap that is currently in the Canadian sport system – providing a program of clean nutritional products for athletes,” said Dr. Gord Sleivert, VP of Sport Performance at CSC Pacific. “We are following the best practices set by Australia, the UK and the USA in working with this industry leader and have the support of our national partners for this initiative.”

The partnership of CSC Pacific and INFINIT Nutrition Canada began when a CSC Pacific was researching recovery products. Initial discussions with INFINIT identified the manufacturer’s strength – custom sports nutrition – and the ultimate result of hours of discussion and testing is the “Custom Fuel Program” (CFP).

“We have teamed with CSC Pacific to create a program that will provide Canadian athletes with custom nutritional products,” said Darcy Haggith, President of INFINIT Canada. “Working with CSC Pacific’s dietitians, coaches and physiologists, we have developed over a dozen different sport specific nutritional products that will initiate the program.”

“We are confident that this is as clean a nutritional supplement as possible and we have a guarantee from INFINIT that the manufacturing process will use dedicated equipment and that all ingredients will be tested by an independent laboratory for banned substances,” Sleivert added. “This is an enormous step in the right direction to providing quality nutritional products to Canadian athletes.”

Canadian Sport Centre Pacific www.cscpacific.ca

INFINIT Nutrition www.infinitnutrition.ca

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