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Cross on the Rock News #9 – The Great Pumpkin Cross Report

release by Cross on the Rock

November 02, 2011 (Nanaimo, BC) – You might have a friend…..they might ride a bike…..they might never have tried cross……well we will let them race beginner at the series final for FREE……see below. OR you might have another friend…..they have done a race or two….but now life is getting them down and they think “I just don’t have it any more (Dave Holden)”…..DRAG THEIR BUTTS OUT TO Ricky Bobby at Western Speedway.

We have had 302 racers come out this year to do at least 1 of our cross racers……can you only imagine if they all came out to Ricky Bobby….it would be MASSIVE!! Don’t think to yourself, “Well so and so will come out so I will watch football/gardening (insert something equally lame)”…….just wash your bike. Drag your kit out of winter storage etc….and plan on racing. This is your last chance for 2011. This is it! Support racing. Support cross. Support the series…..but most of all come out and have a great time and bring your cowbell!!

Now that I have that all out there and before you read the rest of this newsletter check this video out…..it is REALLY GOOD. IF you have not seen this video yet….well it pretty much is one of the coolest ones I have ever seen shot at our races. Thanks Pelle! Watch it HERE.

Good luck to all the COTR racers doing National Champs this weekend and a few more that are also doing USGP in Kentucky the weekend after!!

POST EVENT COTR Race number 6 for 2011: THE GREAT PUMKIN CROSS at Transfer Beach in Ladysmith.
Another great new venue on the Island at Transfer Beach in Ladysmith. Amazing course and scenery!!

The course was HUGE. Clocked at 3.5km I am pretty sure it is our longest course ever!

A couple of notes:
I never thought I would have to put this in the rules as I did not think it was even a remote possibility….but I am pretty sure that grabbing a random bike out of the pits to finish the race is NOT legal! Plus what if the person that put that bike into the pits came in looking for it…..that would not be good!! If someone is not offering you a bike….probably best not just to grab one….until we get KONA and Lambert to do up some neutral COTR bikes or something!

I have seen beer hand ups at races….and even bacon hand ups (Mark Matson) but I have NEVER seen a DQ Dilly Bar hand up. Apparently they went through 20 of these for the expert race….there were only 25 or so people….so that is pretty amazing. I had to wait until the “urge to puke” died down a bit and then enjoyed the heck out of mine. Thanks Paul (PS Paul….get your butt back on the start line). Tara’s mom made all the pies that were enjoyed as part of the category prizes…..yummy! The mayor was out at the race…..pretty sure that was a first!!

Tara and Mike did a perfect job of organizing the event. Everything was dialed in.

Thank you’s
– Ladysmith Parks and Recreation
– Cowichan Cycles (Robin and Cathy)
– Wolf Brewery (Dean and Jenn Lewis)
– Experience Cycling
– Cycle Therapy
– Lion’s club of Ladysmith
– Everti Cycling club

All of the volunteers too… I am super grateful to them…
George Huml, Glenn Morris, Kurt Knock, Kevin Knock, Trevor Jones, Mike Sevcov, Glenda, Jen Day, Sue Glenn, Tiffany Chapman, Robin Dutton, Cathy Graham, Mike Pollock, Lindsay Ellis, Hillary and Dave Huntley, Hillary Grant (timer extrordinaire).


Last race:

The series standings are posted HERE.

With TWO races left and still the throwaway still to happen…..well anything can happen and usually does!!

Last week’s Series Leaders:
– Intermediate Men: Haldor Gunnerson
– Intermediate Women: Christyna Jones
– Masters Men: David Damery
– Over 50 Men: Peter Wellsman
– Open Women: Dawn Anderson
– Expert Men: Kelly Guest

This week’s Series:
– Intermediate Men: Still Haldor Gunnerson but if you look at the potential low score drop…..well…..Lee is RIGHT THERE
– Intermediate Women: Christyna Jones still…..there is a real fight for 3rd in this category!
– Masters Men: David Damery is 1 point a head of Peter Wellsman…but behind if you take away the low score
– Over 50 Men: Peter Wellsman not sure what to do if Peter wins the over 50 PLUS the masters men…..not sure!
– Open Women: Dawn Anderson……most wins of any human at a COTR race…..EVER. Top three is VERY interesting!
– Expert Men: Kelly Guest is gone from top spot and Steve Bachop will enjoy the poll position for the first time….but if you take away the low scores and consider that Tyler could win another race…..anything can happen in this category as well.

RICKY BOBBY CAMERON CROSS COTR SERIES FINAL 2011 at Western Speedway (November 19th…..this is IT….so plan on being there)

Check out the poster……..

FREE BEGINNERS RACE!!!!!…..OK here is the dealio on this. If you have someone that has NEVER RACED COTR (Check and see if your name is here: http://www.crossontherock.com/results/list-of-racers/ you are not eligible but should race anyways)……bring them out and get them to RACE. We will pay their insurance. They just have to SHOW UP AND RACE! You good with that? GET THEM OUT!!

A TONNE OF PRIZES….I gotta clear EVERYTHING out of my little COTR area in the basement so I can get back to my jobs here at home…painting….building etc….so I need the space. We did not have a final last year so I have a LOT of little odds and ends that someone would love to have, wear, use, cherish!

FOOD: the WANNAWAFEL guy is hauling his HUGE cart out to the race…..it is an effort so bring $$ and plan on buying at least one….if not 6! PLUS the concession will be OPEN. Bring cash!!

SHOP CHALLENGE: We will be hosting a 1 lap. All out. Throw down challenge for all bike shop employees……come…..represent…..dominate for you bike shop!!

Weekend accommodations packages from Aviawest……we will have a few of them to give away!!

Previous GRAND PRIZE announcements:

A SWEET pair Zed Wheels CrossRock AXs. These are named after the COTR series. Mical Dyck races on them and raced on them in Fort Collins. A growing number of others race cross on Zed Wheels as well (Gavin Eaton on CrossRock CX carbons, Ty Belavie, Jen Erlendson).

wheels built just for you www.zedwheels.com

AS well another GRAND PRIZE announcement……….an entry into any of the FURIOUS THREE Mountainbike events for 2012. Mark Kaltenbach contacted us and wants to do some promotions for us. These three day events are great tune ups or stepping stones to 7 day events like TR or BCBR or a big step up from a 1 day BC or Island cup event. With events in Fernie, Whistler and Moab for 2012….it is going to be cool. Furious3 Events. www.furious3.com

OK it is time to SUBMIT. We want to have all our photo contest entries posted in the next week or so…..lets say you have until the 10th to get your shots to Roland for the photo gallery……we will narrowing it down. Fire us your best photos (not entire galleries) We will post them. Judge them. Get them on the web site. And make a little award for the best one at our series final.

Link to the photo contest gallery HERE.

Send photos to here: photos@crossontherock.com

Cross clinics/practice races being organized in Nanaimo on Thursday nights by MIVA. 4:30pm at Beban park meeting by the BMX track.

There is a weekly cross ride at Trail Bikes in Courtenay on Wednesday nights….contact Beeston.

Word is that it is back on in North Vancouver on November 27th but being organized by Atomic Racing. Their web site was just sent to me HERE.

– September 11th. Coal Cross at the Village Park in Cumberland: In the BOOKS!
– October 2nd. Lumber Cross at McLean’s Mill in Port Alberni: Chopped down and DONE!
– October 10th. Condo Cross at Topaz Park in Victoria: Record Breaker. Record Setter.
– October 15th. Beban Park in Nanaimo (Island Championships): A bit risky but it turned out great. HUGE Women’s Field!! Social at the new Oak Bay Bikes in Nanaimo in the PM.
– October 16th. Bowen Park in Nanaimo: 10 LAPS for EXPERT!! Biggest race ever in Nanaimo…..#2 overall!!
– October 30th. The GREAT PUMPKIN cross at Transfer Beach in Ladysmith
– November 19th Cameron Cross at Western Speedway in Victoria/Langford (Series Championships and Double Points)

NEXT RACE: Cameron Cross at Western Speedway in Victoria/Langford (Series Championships and Double Points)

– Oak Bay Bikes Nanaimo
– Lambert: Pedros-Leyzne
– Action Motorcycles
– Howard Johnson
– Saltspring Coffee
– Oakley
– Pro Bar
– Aviawest
– Frontrunners
– Also a bit of series support from Orange Sport Supply

Brought to you by the Council of Cross. www.crossontherock.com

This Cyclocross Series is Organized by the Cross Council:
With the following cycling clubs: MIVA, VICC, Everti Cycling Club, UROC, Arrowsmith MTB Club, ASS, Alberni Valley Riders and IRC.

Supported by the following Shops:
– OBB Victoria, Westshore and Nanaimo
– Trail Bikes in Courtenay
– Experience cycles in Duncan
– Cowichan Cycles in Duncan
– Cycle Therapy in Duncan
– Frontrunners in Nanaimo
– Straight Up Cycles in Victoria
– Dodge City Cycles in Cumberland
– Ozzie’s Cycles in Port Alberni

Sanctioned by: Cycling BC

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