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Cross on the Rock News #8 – Great Pumpkin Cross at Transfer Beach – Oct. 30

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October 26, 2011 (Nanaimo, BC) – The Great Pumpkin Cross, Cross on the Rock’s Race #6, is coming up at Transfer Beach in Ladysmith on Oct. 30. Plus, check out a list of what Cross on the Rock (COTR) Racers are getting better at this season:

– Getting our numbers pinned right. We had to do fewer corrections at the Bowen Park race and there were only 2 people that had their numbers on wrong at the Bowen race (Beban was apparently NOT as good).
Having a GREAT TIME while racing HARD!! It was cool to see people hanging out long after the event at Bowen Park….just chatting and chilling.

– Keeping the venue looking good. We want to come back and not have hassles so it is up to all of us to represent.

– Also a note that if you are dropping out of a race please let the timers know (when they have a free second) so that they are not looking for you to come around on the next lap.

COTR Race number 6 for 2011: THE GREAT PUMKIN CROSS at Transfer Beach in Ladysmith (Second to last race for COTR 2011)
Bible will be posted in the next 24 hours with all the information that you normally need to get to and rock these events.

In the meantime: Some important notes about this race and venue.

This will be our first time racing at Transfer Beach and in Ladysmith……so we want to get invited back!! The beach and park will still be open to the public on race day and there is another event going on with Geocashers on the same day…..so be respectful and polite (as always).

The course will be a mix of a bit of everything….no one has ridden it besides the course designers so no home course advantage for anyone.

Kids race will be ON. Check the schedule in the bible and be aware that the pre-ride during this time will be effected as you will not be able to use the middle part of the course.

Registration opens at 9:45.

Cost for this event is $25 and $15 for beginner as food is included through the Lions Club.

The Lions Club will also have the concession open for racers and non-racers.

The series standings are posted HERE.

With TWO races left and still the throwaway still to happen…..well anything can happen!!

Current Series Leaders:
– Intermediate Men: Haldor Gunnerson
– Intermediate Women: Christyna Jones
– Masters Men: David Damery
– Over 50 Men: Peter Wellsman
– Open Women: Dawn Anderson
– Expert Men: Kelly Guest

SERIES FINAL at Western Speedway
Details are starting to come out about the Series Final at Western Speedway………oh it is going to be GREAT!

SHOP CHALLENGE: We will be hosting a 1 lap. All out. Throw down challenge for all bike shop employees……come…..represent…..dominate for you bike shop!!

One of our series GRAND PRIZES has been announced: A SWEET pair Zed Wheels CrossRock AXs. These are named after the COTR series. Mical Dyck races on them and raced on them in Fort Collins. A growing number of others race cross on Zed Wheels as well (Gavin Eaton on CrossRock CX carbons, Ty Belavie, Jen Erlendson).

wheels built just for you www.zedwheels.com

AS well another GRAND PRIZE announcement……….an entry into any of the FURIOUS THREE Mountainbike events for 2012. Mark Kaltenbach contacted us and wants to do some promotions for us. These three day events are great tune ups or stepping stones to 7 day events like TR or BCBR or a big step up from a 1 day BC or Island cup event. With events in Fernie, Whistler and Moab for 2012….it is going to be cool. Furious3 Events. www.furious3.com

Stay tuned for more……..

As well, the Photo contest winner will be announced….and we will have a LOT of draw prizes to give out (must be there to win!!)

We have been getting quite a few links for photos. Now it is time to start narrowing it down. Fire us (to: roland@rabien.com) your best shots from the series. We will post them. Judge them. Get them on the web site. And make a little award for the best one at our series final.

COTR Racers don’t take weekends off……even if there is NO COTR race
I saw a few COTR regulars and sometimers over at the BC Cup Cross race in Maple Ridge on Sunday. It was a fun event at an equestrian center.

As well there were a few COTR’ers racing in Warm, sunny Maui at the X-Terra world Champs including current Expert Series leader, Kelly Guest, David Huntley and one time Diver Lake racer Sharon Armstrong.

Staying sharp and getting ready for Ladysmith!!

Just in case you did not catch this sweet little clip from Topaz HERE.

– Cross clinics being organized in Nanaimo on Thursday nights by MIVA. 4:30pm at Beban park meeting by the BMX track.

– There is a weekly cross ride at Trail Bikes in Courtenay on Wednesday nights….contact Beeston.

– This Wednesday, Oct 26, 2011 we will meet up @ 5:30 pm sharpish at the Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence (aka PISE) soccer pitch. Address info HERE.

If you are a COTR’er and going to National Champs please let me know as we are trying to do something “special”.

If you are planning on going to National Champs in Ontario….well the course looks like it STILL sucks. The organization is the same as last year which in my opinion did the worst job of any cross nationals so far. A few of us have been sending letters of dissatisfaction to the CCA in the hopes that it puts the pressure on the organizers to 1) build a better course and 2) do a better job. Hopefully it works but it always helps to have more voices so if you plan on going and don’t want to waste your money….please fire them an e-mail.

Word is that it is back on in North Vancouver on November 27th but being organized by Atomic Racing. Their web site was just sent to me HERE.

– September 11th. Coal Cross at the Village Park in Cumberland: In the BOOKS!
– October 2nd. Lumber Cross at McLean’s Mill in Port Alberni: Chopped down and DONE!
– October 10th. Condo Cross at Topaz Park in Victoria: Record Breaker. Record Setter.
– October 15th. Beban Park in Nanaimo (Island Championships): A bit risky but it turned out great. HUGE Women’s Field!! Social at the new Oak Bay Bikes in Nanaimo in the PM.
– October 16th. Bowen Park in Nanaimo: 10 LAPS for EXPERT!! Biggest race ever in Nanaimo…..#2 overall!!
– October 30th. The GREAT PUMPKIN cross at Transfer Beach in Ladysmith
– November 19th Cameron Cross at Western Speedway in Victoria/Langford (Series Championships and Double Points)

NEXT RACE: NEW race venue at Transfer Beach in Ladysmith. BUT with an experienced crew from Everti Cycling Club. They have put on 5 COTR races now.

– Oak Bay Bikes Nanaimo
– Lambert: Pedros-Leyzne
– Action Motorcycles
– Howard Johnson
– Saltspring Coffee
– Oakley
– Pro Bar
– Aviawest
– Frontrunners
– Also a bit of series support from Orange Sport Supply

Brought to you by the Council of Cross. www.crossontherock.com

This Cyclocross Series is Organized by the Cross Council:
With the following cycling clubs: MIVA, VICC, Everti Cycling Club, UROC, Arrowsmith MTB Club, ASS, Alberni Valley Riders and IRC.

Supported by the following Shops:
– OBB Victoria, Westshore and Nanaimo
– Trail Bikes in Courtenay
– Experience cycles in Duncan
– Cowichan Cycles in Duncan
– Cycle Therapy in Duncan
– Frontrunners in Nanaimo
– Straight Up Cycles in Victoria
– Dodge City Cycles in Cumberland
– Ozzie’s Cycles in Port Alberni

Sanctioned by: Cycling BC

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