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Cross on the Rock News #18: Series Wrap Up – Last Update of the Year

by Cross on the Rock

November 28, 2009 – Lots of updates and news this year…but this is the last one for the year. We are already busy planning things out for next year to make our series and cross on Vancouver Island even better than this year…. ut we do require your feedback from our survey… please take the time. It has been a great season. Some really, really great races! A lot of fun. I will miss seeing everyone!!

Thanks to everyone for coming out and we will see you next September. From Normon for everyone that helped out at the races and came out to watch and volunteer!! A big THANK YOU!

Check out the final series standings for 2009 pdf HERE and below.
The Survey is HERE.

1) Thanks to our Sponsors
As you can guess nothing happens in our series without our sponsors. We have some great ones and I would like to take the time to thank them and say a few things about each of them.

Pedal Magazine Benjamin from Pedal came on board in a more official capacity to offer a great discount for our riders on subscriptions (see offer below) as well as excellent coverage of the events and a few prizes for the series. We also had complimentary copies of the magazines at each of the events for people to grab, read and take home.

Frontrunners in Nanaimo. Besides allowing me the flexibility to be able to go to and organize events….Frontrunners has also supported cross since the very start on Vancouver Island in 2003 with prizing for each event. We had 3 staff start the series and 2 finish….so not too bad!

FSA HUGE Sponsor! Max Ralph from FSA has helped us out in a MAJOR way with prize gift certificates for the past 2 years. The certificates are one of the most favorite prizes of the racers (DON’T forget to cash them in before the expiry date).

Oak Bay Bikes in Nanaimo and Victoria. Again one of our long time sponsors. Many of our sponsors are also through our association with OBB. The Nanaimo crew were the directors and organizers of Race #2 at Bowen Park this year. 4 of their staff raced this year.

Lambert-Lezyne Lambert helped us out last year through a number of their companies that they distribute last year. This year it was through one specific company, Lezyne. Lezyne prizes were generously given out at the events as well for the series overall. Peter Creighton (and also later Kevin Calhoun) have been very supportive of the series and what we are doing on the island.

Oakley BC Oakley Representative; Mike Medland, used to sponsor the series through Converse. Since swapping up positions he still gave us support with the Oakley Jawbones at each of our events…..now we just want to try to get him out to our events again too!

Nutcase Helmets When we were trying to think of a title sponsor for our NISSCCOTU event…..well Nutcase was just a natural! Despite them being a relatively small company they came on board for our special prized and champion prizes for this great event.

Nanaimo Daily News It is impressive when you have the support of a newspaper and they are willing to help you with pretty much any event that you do in the community. Cathy Webster from the Nanaimo Daily News believes in what ever Frontrunners is doing….and backs up her belief with the newspaper’s support.

Action Motorcycles You know that cross is making a nice community impact when it is not just bike shops that are supporting the series….but moto shops too. This is mostly because Jamie Emery is a huge fan of racing the events…..so we thank him for coming out and also getting his shop involved in helping us with prizing for the series….if you need motorized 2 wheel transit….Action Motorcycles!

KONA Dik Cox and the whole KONA crew are always behind our series and what we do over here. From pro looking flagging tape to prizes to one of our grand prizes of the Major One. KONA has been on board for a few years ….we like them and then like us….so it is great!

Great Western One of our smaller sponsors with BBB prizing this year….we hope to get them back for next year and have them even more involved with our series.

Crankbrothers Jason First from Crankbrothers makes room for us even when the budget is not conducive to a top level sponsorship. Then have been involved with our series since 2006 and cross since they became a company. Crankbrothers is the #1 pedal at the Cross on the Rock events! We hope to have them up to their top level of sponsorship and back in 2010.

Steve and Paul from Lighthouse Brewery are super supportive of our events…..already confirmed for 2010 to return!! Steve even made a special trip to drive down to Shawnigan Lake School to personally deliver our prizes for the last race….and to check out our event….he was super impressed!!

We have the famous Jimmy P out from Aviawest for a couple of our events this hear after he got better from the H1N1 (or something!). The weekends away from Aviawest are one of the most sought after prizes that everyone wishes for at each of our events.

Bryn from Saltspring Coffee came on board as a prime sponsor this year….even though I am one of the rare people on earth that does not drink coffee (no one wants to see me more jacked up) their coffee to me always seems to smell….well of better quality….when ever we open the box of Saltspring coffee when we are doing the prizes for the even….the whole room smells better. >From my friends that do drink coffee…once they tried Saltspring they have not had anything else in their house.

Dan Brady from the Howard Johnson is another one of our sponsors that is so community oriented that what ever we do….they are in….no questions asked! They don’t get a tonne of business from our cross series as most of the events are day trips for everyone…but we hope that when our racers are thinking about traveling to Victoria or Nanaimo for events or personal…that they think of what the Ho Jo does for cross and take their business to them.

Attached is our annual post-series survey. We read each of these and it helps to structure our events and the direction that we take….PLEASE take 10 minute and fill it out and fire it back to us….it really does help and make a difference!

No new YouTube’s to check out from Rob….so we might have to post those on our web site later.

In the meantime a tonne of photos to check out:

From Rita Wania….first season cross racer here.

From Jamie Cameron: ShawniganProvidence Farm.

From our Favorite racing VEGAN… Vegandave.

From super fan James Young…..who says he thinks he got shots of everyone here.

Also, if anyone you know wants a “high resolution” copy of any photos, I can certainly email them specific ones. The web ones are pretty low res if someone is wanting to print them out or anything, but I do have the full res on the home computer.

From race organizer Ian Craib and our Shawnigan connection here.

And from Regan Pringle…some nice artsy ones in here too here.


You can even warm up for this race by doing the last BC Cup race the day before on the 28th in South Surrey to make it a DOUBLE HEADER!

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Sanctioned by Cycling BC
Cross on the Rock….presenting cross races on Vancouver Island. Starting in 2003. Finishing in November of 2009. Already planning for 2010

Cross on the Rock 2009 Series Results: Final
(Number of Ranked Riders: 187)

Category Intermediate Men

1. Roland Rabien (Triple Shot) Victoria 97
2. Guy Gensey Victoria 93
3. Michael Briton Powell River 76
4. Geoff Pendrel (Wheelers) Victoria 74
5. Jordan Duncan (Kona Grassroots) Comox 68
6. Kevin Knock (Everti ) Cowichan Bay 68
7. Andy Petre (Me Team) Victoria 64
8. Dylan Tremblay (Oak Bay Bikes-Nanaimo) Errington 57
9. Dave Shishkoff (OrganicAthlete) Victoria 46
10. Halldor Gunnarsson (Riders Cycle) Victoria 43
11. Chris Dickinson (Oak Bay Bikes-Victoria) Victoria 43
12. Scott Mitchell (Pro City Cycles) Victoria 34
13. Shepart Stewart (Oak Bay Bikes-Nanaimo) Nanaimo 34
14. Matt Dilay (IRC-Cameron Law) Victoria 33
15. Mitchell Thacker (Riders Cycle) Victoria 32
16. Jordan Maynard Vancouver 28
17. Josh Erikson (Triple Shot) Victoria 26
18. Chris George (PT Performance) Victoria 24
19. Steve Doreen Victoria 20
20. Morgan Harker Victoria 19
21. Erik Madson Victoria 18
22. James Cameron (Cycles) Victoria 17
23. Justin Wolfe (Riders Cycle) Victoria 15
24. Ian Beveridge Victoria 14
25. John Berrow (Velocity) Langley 14
26. Kent Duncan (CVCC) Gold River 13
27. Taylor Smith (Oak Bay Bikes) Nanaimo 13
28. Gavin Eaton (Triple Shot Cycling) Victoria 13
29. Mike Morrison Victoria 12
30. Derek Steel (Arrowsmith MTB Club) Nanaimo 12
31. Paul Kane Victoria 12
32. Regan Pringle (Macs Cycle Center) Victoria 11
33. Colin Anderson Shawnigan Lake 10
34. Rob Williamson (Oak Bay Bikes-Nanaimo) Parksville 10
35. Ian Ross (Organic Athlete) Victoria 10
36. Fergus Lavelle (Devo-Escape Velocity) Victoria 10
37. Robin Dutton (Frontrunners) Victoria 10
38. John Rogers Sidney 9
39. Andy Brinton Powell River 8
40. Derek Prout Victoria 8
41. Andrew Dye (Fig Rolls Racing) Vancouver 7
42. Greg Olson Nanaimo 6
43. Geoff Wong (Triple Shot) Victoria 6
44. Shayne Alexander (Riders Cycle) Victoria 6
45. Cliff de Scheppen Victoria 6
46. Ian MacLeod (Frontrunners Nanaimo) Nanaimo 6
47. Wade Smith Cowichan Bay 6
48. Matt Kennedy (Glotman Simpson) Vancouver 4
49. Brent Chan (PIH) Saanichton 4
50. Wayne Shtybel Victoria 4
51. Craig Logan (Aviawest) North Saanich 4
52. Jak New (Jak New) Port Moody 4
53. Mike Sevcov (Everti ) Duncan 4
54. Patrick Burnham (Oak Bay Bikes-Nanaimo) Nanaimo 4
55. Alexander Ritchie Victoria 2
56. Jeffery Doyle (Aviawest) Victoria 2
57. Argus Prittie (Capital) Victoria 2
58. Brian Young North Vancouver 2
59. Brian Payne (Schwalbe) Saanichton 2
60. Mark Allison Nanaimo 2
61. Dave Lantaigne Parksville 2
62. Gary Croome (Frontrunners) Nanaimo 2
63. Mark Wieler (AMC) Nanaimo 2
64. Mark Power (Fig Rolls Racing) Comox 2
65. Spencer Burns Powell River 2
66. Aaron Grant (Penticton) Nanaimo 2
67. Eric Matheson Nanaimo 2
68. Derek Brain (Experience Cycling Club) Cobble Hill 2
69. Marc Power (UROC) Comox 2
70. Dan Curtis Nanaimo 2
71. Jeff Gallimore Nanaimo 2
72. Ken Jones (Frontrunners) Lantzville 2

Category Masters Men

1. Dave Holden (Trek-Pro City Racing) Victoria 106
2. Brent Stubbs (Schwalbe) Victoria 72
3. Michael Harvey (UROC-Simons Cycles) Comox 68
4. Peter Wellsman (Pro City Cycles) Victoria 65
5. Barry Rempel (Oak Bay Bikes-Victoria) Victoria 60
6. Paul Brend (IRC-Cameron Law) Victoria 58
7. Justin Mark (Steed-Helly Hansen) Nanaimo 57
8. Jamie Emery (Pro City Cycles) Victoria 57
9. Bill McMillan Nanaimo 57
10. Aaron Dusseault (Russ Hayes) Victoria 54
11. Trevor Perkins (Favorite Cycle-CVCC) Courtenay 44
12. Aaron Bremner (Schwalbe) Victoria 39
13. Jim Pearson (Aviawest) Victoria 37
14. Graham Cocksedge Powell River 36
15. Brad Collins (Sugoi) Vancouver 33
16. Jason Crago (Yakima Bike Vigilantes) Portland 30
17. Derek Tripp (IRC-Cameron Law) Victoria 29
18. Ray LaChance (Glotman Simpson) Vancouver 22
19. Ron Hewitson (Nanaimo MTB Club) Nanaimo 21
20. Bob Welbourn (Glotman Simpson) North Van. 20
21. Mike Pollock (Everti) Cobble Hill 17
22. Russell Stead (Mighty CX) Burnaby 17
23. Jeremy Hart (IRC-Cameron Law) Victoria 16
24. Brian Griffen (Team Alliance) Pitt Meadows 14
25. Guy Ridler Courtenay 13
26. Patrick Beckstead (Mighty CX) Vancouver 13
27. Paul Thompson (Oak Bay Bikes-Nanaimo) Nanaimo 12
28. Gary MacGregor (CVCC) Comox 11
29. Dave Morris (Arrowsmith Island Racing) Nanaimo 9
30. Michael McArthur (Glotman Simpson) Vancouver 9
31. Robin Willard (Oak Bay Bikes-Victoria) Victoria 8
32. Chris Paul (IRC-Cameron Law) Victoria 8
33. Lee Blais (Ozzie Cycles) Port Alberni 7
34. Kurt Knock (Everti) Duncan 4
35. Corey Piket (Oak Bay Bikes-Nanaimo) Nanaimo 4
36. Ian Beveridge Victoria 2
37. Shane Isbister (Oak Bay Bikes-Nanaimo) Nanaimo 2
18. Dave Nowak (Trail Bikes-CVCC) Comox 2
39. Jay Loder (Mighty Cycling) North Van. 2
40. Sean Clark (Argon 18-Craft) Maple Ridge 2
41. Mike Sevcov (Everti) Duncan 2
42. Tim Watson Nanaimo 2
43. Michael Achuff Victoria 2
44. Doug Kranenberg Vancouver 2
45. Dave Lantaigne Parksville 2
46. Raymond Tse Victoria 2

Cateogry Women

1. Kristenn Magnusson (Arrowsmith Cycling Club) Parksville 90
2. Glenowyn Carlson (Team Alliance) Victoria 83
3. Jen Erlendson (OrganicAthlete) Victoria 80
4. Mical Dyck (Trek Toronto-Terrascape) Victoria 74
5. Allison Sydor (Rocky Mountain) Victoria 74
6. Chelsea Bilsbarrow (Local Ride Racing) Victoria 73
7. Charlene Hay (Healthy Habits) 61
8. Katie Duncan Rabien (Oak Bay Bikes-Victoria) Victoria 53
9. Tanya Berg (Oak Bay Bikes-Victoria) Victoria 49
10. Rita Wania (OrganicAthlete) Victoria 48
11. Amanda Wakeling (Trail Bikes-CVCC) Courtenay 33
12. Kelly Jones (Sugoi) North Van. 33
13. Joele Guynup (IRC-Cameron Law) Victoria 32
14. Dawn Anderson (Oak Bay Bikes-Everti) Victoria 32
15. Michelle Lantaigne (Oak Bay Bikes-Nanaimo) Nanaimo 32
16. Clare Squires Victoria 27
17. Bobbie-Jean Taylor (Arrowsmith ) Nanaimo 15
18. Heather King (Active Life Multisport) North Van. 14
19. Cathy Graham Nanaimo 13
20. Karen Fedorak (Hardcore Cycling) Vancouver 12
21. Shannon Baerg (Russ Hayes) Victoria 11
22. Sarah Hall (Experience Cycle) Duncan 10
23. Sue Handel (Nanaimo MTB Club) Nanaimo 8

Category Expert

1. Craig Ritchey (Blue Competion Cycles) Victoria 117
2. Normon Thibault (Frontrunners-Nanaimo) Nanaimo 92
3. Dylan Tremblay (Oak Bay Bikes-Nanaimo) Errington 78
4. Jeff Riemer (Arrowsmith Cycling Club) Parksville 69
5. John Fokkema (Trek Pro City Cycles) Victoria 60
6. Mat Dawes (Oak Bay Bikes-Victoria) Nanaimo 53
7. Drew MacKenzie (IRC-Cameron Law) Victoria 51
8. Tyler Trace (Trek Red Truck Racing) Victoria 50
9. Steve Bachop (IRC-Cameron Law) Victoria 37
10. Jason Eagles (Six Up Cycling) Victoria 37
11. Russel Anderson (Everti-Oak Bay Bikes) Victoria 36
12. Kevin Noiles (La Bicicletta Pro) Vancouver 35
13. James Cameron (Cycles) Victoria 34
14. Rob Britton (Trek-Pro City Cycles) Victoria 33
15. Sean Cruichshank (Aviawest) Victoria 32
16. David Huntley (Experience Cycling Club) Duncan 30
17. Jeff Beeston (Trail Bikes) Courtenay 29
18. Steve Doreen Victoria 27
19. Mat Hewitt (Oak Bay Bikes-Victoria) Vernon 27
20. Robin Dutton (Frontrunners-Nanaimo) Nanaimo 23
21. Bob Welbourn (Glotman-Simpson) North Vancouver 23
22. Graham Cocksedge Powell River 20
23. Troy Woodburn (Pro City Cycling) Victoria 20
24. Trevor Jones (Experience Cycling Club) Duncan 17
25. Fred Hodgson (Island Cycle) Parksville 16
26. Dan MacDonald (Total Restoration) Penticton 16
27. Tom Skinner (Oak Bay Bikes-Victoria) Victoria 15
28. Jon Benskin (Hardcore Racing) Edmonton 14
29. Nic Hamleton (Trek Red Truck Racing) Victoria 13
30. Aaron Bremner (Schwalbe) Victoria 12
31. Peter Stevenson (Experience Cycling Club) Duncan 11
32. Nick Berry (Mighty CX) Vancouver 10
33. Daniel Sessford (Blue Factory) Victoria 10
34. Vaughn Hildebrand (Island Racing Club) Victoria 9
35. Roland Rabien (Triple Shot) Victoria 8
36. Michael Jordon Victoria 8
37. Austin Horn (Pro City Cycling) Victoria 8
38. Jean Sebastion Lareau (Oak Bay Bikes-Victoria) Victoria 6
39. Dan Scott (Oak Bay Bikes Victoria) Victoria 6
40. Nick Holatko (Team Hack and Chop) Comox 5
41. Kenyon Campbell (Fort Street Cycles) Victoria 4
42. Emmaneul Lint (Oak Bay Bikes-Nanaimo) Lantzville 4
43. Menno Jongsma Nanaimo 2
44. Basse Clement (H&R Block) Vancouver 2
45. Brad Collins (Sugoi) North Vancouver 2
46. Brent Hambleson (Sugoi) Vancouver 2

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