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Cross on the Rock News #17 – Island Championships

release by Cross on the Rock

November 23, 2009 (Nanaimo, BC) – Wendy joked when we left Shawnigan tonight that since the series is over she has the green light to go into labour at any moment…. It did not happen and IF we have a bit of a breather first that would be nice!

The 2009 Season of Cross on the Rock is in the books with a great final at Shawnigan Lake School! All the way home from the venue tonight Wendy and I were chatting away at the great parts of the season; what worked great… and things that did not work great. We did not even turn on the radio or music at all. One thing that worked GREAT was the weather today… can everyone say… we LUCKED OUT! Another GREAT was the venue…. Thanks to Ian Craib for setting that up and thanks to everyone that respected the privilege that we had to use it. We were able to make it home a bit quicker because our trailer was tracking better thanks to the great packing of Dan Scott.

Awesome prizing… REALLY awesome prizing. 5 LEVELS OF PRIZING!
Special thanks to: OrganicAthlete Victoria, Vega, Oak Bay Bikes Victoria, Pink Sugar Cupcakery… as well as our regular series sponsors (see below for a refresher!)

We arrived home and came into our living room to find it comparatively empty. We have had the race and series prizes hanging out in there since the start of September so it was nice to get the space back.

SO for updates… this update will wrap up the Island Championship and cover a few things that are going on in the next week or so… along with some other news. We will send Cross on the Rock News #18 in a couple days with the series wrap up and a survey for everyone that raced to fill out and fire back to us. The survey is very important in moving forward with the events and series so please fill it out and fire it back.

I would really like to thank everyone that helped with take down today. It was incredibly fast. Also a major thanks to all those that came up to Wendy and I to pass on thanks about the series and well wishes. We were really touched. Speaking of touched I was deeply moved by the photo that everyone signed that was organized by (we think) Roland and Katie. Thanks as well to Jen and Paul for the gifts.

One other thing… to join the 21st Century… Frontrunners Nanaimo is on Facebook. SO if you want to keep up to date about what we are up to at the shop in Nanaimo… fire us a friend request. We would love to have you.

One thing I was really impressed with today was how many riders there were out of the 99 that were 20 and younger… we will get a count for the last update… but by far it was the most.

10:15 with no Family guy tonight… gotta get this thing off and get to bed!


Wendy and I traveled over to Vancouver on Friday to attend the Cycling BC awards night. I was very lucky and fortunate to have everyone’s support in voting for me for the “volunteer” of the year. Although I am not “technically” a volunteer I am more like almost-slave-labour-rates-of-return… regardless it was great to have our series recognized as well as some recognition for Cyclocross. We REALLY HOPE (Come on Cycling BC) that cross gets some of it’s own award categories in 2010 and is properly recognized separate from Road and MTB… small steps and we will encourage them all the way!

I also picked up the awards for race organizer of the year…. I would have LOVED to have gotten that one too BUT was super happy to pick it up on behalf of the Island Cup MTB series and organizers. It was really great to see this series with 16 events get some recognition as well as two Island related awards (there may have been more but we BOLTED and were able to catch the 9:00pm ferry even though we left 15th and Main at 8:28… which made our weekend a lot smoother for sure).

Both the Island Cup and the Cross on the Rock series just returned to Cycling BC this year after spending time with the Grass Roots Association last year and I can honestly say that we have grown up a bit together and cross, the island and the racers have benefited from the relationship.

We will wait for Rob Williamson to posted more race coverage on the TUBE. As well we will wait for everyone’s photo links and I will pass those on.

In the meantime if you are a fan of Frontrunners and know me and Stefan you can check out this little thing that Wendy put together earlier this week to amuse herself to no end:

NOT cross related but pretty funny (at least to us). Check it out here.

I do have some more photo links from Regan Pringle to tie you over until our update #18 with links from today.

Here is a link to my flickr if you wanna scrounge some pics from Cameron Cross. There are even shots form the Nationals weekend if you wanna browse. Great course, thanks again. Click here to view the photos.
Cheers, Regan Pringle

The GRAND PRIZE winner was Amanda Wakeling!!! Congratulations Amanda… and considering she is slightly taller than I am the bike should be a perfect fit.

If you are still itching to race after this weekend… have not raced off the island yet in your life/this year… want to go to the big smoke for some Christmas shopping… have a desire to be the provincial champion OR just want to go have some fun there is still racing after CROSS ON THE ROCK….

NEXT weekend on the 29th of November… check it out here.

From Race Director: Kevin CALHOUN:

The location is super easy to get to: Mahon Park in North Vancouver. I am going to alter the start times to be a little later so that it hopefully suits more Island racers wanting to come over the day of the race.


You can even warm up for this race by doing the last BC Cup race the day before on the 28th in South Surrey to make it a DOUBLE HEADER!

We had a great turn out. Our beginner category was the largest this year… go figure? I think our overall turn out was the highest or close to the highest this year. Thanks to everyone for not shutting it down early and making the final and the competition so great.

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Sanctioned by Cycling BC.


Race #1 – Beginner Women – 3 Laps
1. Mary Wakefield 0:42:49
2. Charlene Stewart 0:00:11
3. Caroline Tansley 0:04:04
4. Danielle Stevens 0:07:49
5. Joanna Duncan -1 Lap
6. Una Farrar Central Middle School -1 Lap
DNF Glenda Hownling Nanaimo Bicycle Club

Race #1 – Beginner Men – 3 Laps
1. Liam Farrar Oak Bay High School 0:34:23
2. Phillippe Janicki 0:01:53
3. Thomas Doyle 0:02:31
4. Quentin Leidtke LTC Slackers 0:06:05
5. Ian Lindseth 0:07:07
6. Dan Leonard 0:07:21
7. Simon Pearson LTC Slackers 0:07:36
8. Brian Oraas -1 Lap
9. Tyson Black -1 Lap
10. CJ The Dark Night -1 Lap
11. Jasper Davison Triple Shot -1 Lap
12. Lister Farrar Triple Shot -1 Lap
13. Brodie Hay -1 Lap
DNF Jeff Nicholls

22 Minute Saltspring Coffee Prime: Liam Farrar

Race #2 – Intermediate Men – 4 Laps
1. Geoff Pendrel Wheelers 0:43:11
2. Guy Gensey Russ Hayes 0:00:43
3. Mitchell Thacker Riders Cycles 0:01:06
4. Roland Rabien Triple Shot 0:01:06
5. Andy Pitre Me Team 0:01:15
6. Josh Erickson Triple Shot 0:01:36
7. Jordan Duncan Kona Grass Roots 0:01:49
8. Kevin Knock Everti 0:01:53
9. Scott Mitchell Procity Racing 0:01:59
10. Haldor Gunnarsson Riders Cycles 0:02:09
11. Michael Brinton 0:02:24
12. Chris George PT Performance Training 0:02:31
13. Mike Morrison 0:02:33
14. Colin Anderson 0:02:48
15. Justin Wolfe Riders Cycles 0:02:51
16. Regan Pringle Macs Cycle Center 0:03:00
17. Shepherd Steward Oak Bay Bikes Nanaimo 0:03:30
18. Matt Kenedy Glotman-Simpson 0:04:30
19. Kent Duncan Comox Valley Cycling 0:05:01
20. Taylor Smith Oak Bay Bikes Nanaimo 0:05:05
21. Shayne Alexander Riders Cycles 0:05:32
22. Dave Shishkoff OrganicAthlete 0:07:06
23. Erik Madsen Riders Cycles 0:07:38
24. Ian Beveridge 0:08:19
25. Geoff Wong Triple Shot 0:08:30
26. Paul Kane 0:09:14
27. Derek Steel Arrowsmith Bike Club 0:09:43
28. Brent Chan PIH 0:10:30
29. Andy Brinton 0:10:45
30. Ian Ross OrganicAthlete 0:11:09
31. Clifford deSchepper 0:13:57
32. Wayne Shtybel 0:14:45
33. Greg Olson -1 Lap
34. Rob Williamson Oak Bay Bikes Nanaimo -1 Lap
DNF Ian MacLeod Frontrunners-Nanaimo
DNF Chris Dickinson Oak Bay Bikes Victoria

22 Minute Saltspring Coffee Prime: Chris George
Last on the Lead Lighthouse Brewery Prime: Wayne Shtybel

Race #3 – Masters Men – 5 Laps
1. Justin Mark Steed Cycles 0:53:25
2. Aaron Dusseault Russ Hays 0:00:07
3. Dave Holden Trek-Pro City Racing 0:00:43
4. Jason Crago Yakima Bike Vigilantes 0:02:16
5. Trevor Parkins Favorite Cycles 0:03:03
6. Peter Wellsman Pro City Cycles 0:03:46
7. Brent Stubbs Schwalbe 0:03:49
8. Michael Harvey U-Roc Simon Cycles 0:03:59
9. Jim Pearson Aviawest 0:04:11
10. Barry Remple Oak Bay Bikes-Victoria 0:06:13
11. Jamie Emery Pro City Cycles 0:06:25
12. Ron Hewitson Nanaimo MTB Club 0:07:26
13. Paul Thompson Oak Bay Bikes-Nanaimo 0:07:27
14. Paul Brend IRC-Cameron Law 0:09:55
NOR Bill McMillan Nanaimo MTB Club
DNF Aaron Bremner Schwalbe

22 Minute Saltspring Coffee Prime: Brent Stubbs
Last on the Lead Lighthouse Brewery Prime: Ron Hewitson

Race #3 – Women – 5 Laps
1. Mical Dyck Trek Toronto-Terrascape 0:55:59
2. Alison Sydor Rocky Mountain 0:01:45
3. Joele Guynup IRC-Cameron Law 0:03:08
4. Kristen Magnusson Arrowsmith MTB Club 0:06:50
5. Chelsea Bilsbarrow Local Ride Racing 0:08:19
6. Glenowyn Carlson Team Alliance 0:09:12
7. Jen Erlendson OrganicAthlete 0:13:38
8. Rita Wania OrganicAthlete -1 Lap
9. Amanda Wakeling Trail Bikes-Eatmore Sprouts -1 Lap
10. Charlene Hay Healthy Habits -1 Lap
11. Clare Squires -1 Lap
12. Katie Duncan Rabien Oak Bay Bikes-Victoria -2 Laps

Last on the Lead Lighthouse Brewery Prime: Jen Erlendson

Race #4 – Expert – 9 Laps
1. Craig Ritchey Blue Competition Cycles 0:58:27
2. Drew MacKenzie IRC-Cameron Law 0:01:55
3. Normon Thibault Frontrunners-Nanaimo 0:02:10
4. Dylan Tremblay Oak Bay Bikes-Nanaimo 0:02:15
5. Steve Backop IRC-Cameron Law 0:03:08
6. John Fokkema Procity Racing 0:04:23
7. Matt Dawes Oak Bay Bikes-Nanaimo 0:06:50
8. Sean Cruickshank AviaWest 0:07:36
9. Russell Anderson OBB-Everti 0:08:04
10. James Cameron Procity Racing 0:08:11
11. Jeff Riemer Arrowsmith Mountain Bike Club 0:09:15
12. Jeff Beeston Trail Bikes 0:11:26
13. Aaron Bremner Schwalbe -1 Lap
14. Dave Huntley Experience Cycling Club -1 Lap
15. Roland Rabien Triple Shot -1 Lap
DNF Steve Doreen Local Ride

22 Minute Saltspring Coffee Prime: James Cameron
Last on the Lead Lighthouse Brewery Prime: Jeff Beeston
Timers: Wendy Simms, Corey Piket and Paul Brend. With assistance from Brodie Hay.

Organized by: Ian Craib, Dave Shishkoff, some of the students of Shawnigan Lake School with help from OBB Victoria and OrganicAthlete www.island-multi-sports.com

SPECIAL THANKS TO: OrganicAthlete Victoria, Vega, Oak Bay Bikes Victoria, Pink Sugar Cupcakery.

Cross on the Rock… presenting cross races on Vancouver Island. Starting in 2003. Finishing in November of 2009. Already planning for 2010.

SPONSORED BY: FSA, Cycle Lambert-Lezyne, OAK BAY BIKES-NANAIMO, KONA, Crankbrothers, OAKLEY, Aviawest, Action Motorcycles, Nutcase Helmets, Nanaimo Daily News, Everti Bicycles, Pedal Magazine.

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