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Cross on the Rock News #12

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November 4, 2009 (Nanaimo, BC) – Still more things rolling in from the race last weekend – lots of great comments. I thought it was pretty freaken fun!! My quads were certainly sore though on Sunday and Monday from the increased pushing with the one gear I ended up running a 39-19 and thought it was pretty good. I think Bachop was running a 52-16 wow!

More Pictures from Dave Silver are posted and you can also purchase prints here.

Rob Williamson the winner of Race 1 on the weekend did his first YouTube attempt and posted a pretty good over view video of the race:

Lost and Found: Keys at Fletchers Farm one mazda key, Thirfty foods card, Canada Post key, Key Fob and 6 other keys let me know if they are yours.

To get you pumped for this weekend check out: Pure Sweet Hell “Cyclocross Film.” View the Three Minute Trailer here.

Any questions on the event fire them to me at normont@islandnet.com and I will try to answer them for you.

1) Double Cross Race Preview
We have a great weekend planned for this year’s Double Cross weekend. Not only do we have CASH for a open women’s and expert men’s combined results from the weekend courtesy of our sponsorship with Action Motorcycles ($150-$100-$50) but we also have something for everyone, 2 new courses. 1 New Venue! I am pretty pumped. Our first trip out onto the Saanich Peninsula with our new race course and new venue at Sluggett Farms. Don’t forget this is a private farm .so treat it like you would your own property or better than you would! Then you rest-recover-drink a few too many and try to roll it again Sunday at Juan De Fuca Recreation. This is our 3rd year at this venue but will be our first time on this course.

Day one: Flat.
Day two: not flat.

Day one: Muddy (most likely)
Day two: possibly also muddy ?

Day one: Dirt
Day two: grass.

Lots of points. Lots of prizes (open women and expert men will just be racing for the combined $$ for the two races). Great courses we hope you can join us!

2) (SMALL) VICTORY for Cyclocross
I received a note from our good friend Tanya Campasano over at Cycling B.C. yesterday saying that at the AGM they passed a motion that you will not have to purchase an extra license or anything extra to race cross in 2010 in BC. Meaning if you have a MTB or road license you will be also able to race cross small savings more importantly less confusion for riders and registration staff. Great news!

3) Short interview with Cross on the Rock 2009 current overall points leader with a perfect 60, Kristen Magnusson

COTR: How do you think equipment plays a role in your success thus far this season?

K-Mag: 2008 was my first year on an actual cross bike (previous cross racing I’d done was on my old Cannondale hardtail mtn bike – which was a fine steed but nothing like the real thing!) – I’m riding a Trek X0 and I love it. I really think it makes a difference for me and more noticeably in season #2 with it – the handling and power application are all coming together, quality time with your bike = quality riding.

COTR: What would you like to see more of in the “cross on the rock” series?

K-Mag: Waffles.

COTR: What is your favorite thing about riding cross?

K-Mag: My favorite thing about cyclocross training is that you get both road, trail and fun stuff (barriers, starts, remounts etc) all in one ride… and you don’t have to feel guilty that you weren’t out there for 3hrs.

My favorite thing about cyclocross racing is the events themselves. The people are great and I love being able to spectate events before and after mine. Super fun challenging courses make it exciting too.

COTR: What have you done differently in your training this year?

K-Mag: Honestly I’ve embraced the ‘less is more’ training philosophy. I’ve stopped trying to get just in hours for the sake of getting in hours, and I’ve started really focusing on making each ride purposeful. I’ve trained less and gained more. I also have to say that I think Frontrunners running clinic’s have increased my fitness tonnes!

COTR: Are you planning any races off of the rock this year?

K-Mag: Aiming for provincials at the end of November as my first race off the rock – should be interesting!

COTR: What was your favorite course so far this year?

K-Mag: Bowen Park – which is funny because pre-riding it, I thought I was going to hate it … racing it I loved it.

4) Vote for Norm (we THOUGHT this was DONE but apparently it is a typo on the Cycling BC web site and the voting continues to the 10th of November NOT the 1st)
Honestly I don’t do this stuff for awards (or money) etc. BUT I do look at this as a great opportunity to try to change some stuff up at Cycling BC. You will note if you look over these awards that there is no Cyclocross Category for events, event directors, racers etc. This is our chance as Cyclocross racers to send a message to Cycling BC that they need to have a category for Cyclocross. It is not road. It is not MTB and it is certainly not track – CYCOCROSS – put it in the middle of their radar.

SO… here is the Message from Wendy Simms (again): VOTE for NORM

Apparently Norm was Nominated for Cycling BCs – “Road” Volunteer of the year. He really should be in the “Cyclocross” ORGANIZER of the year but they don’t have any cyclocross categories (????) and it looks like they are only acknowledging organizers that do provincial level races. Considering he puts on 6-7 cyclocross races a year for the Cross on the Rock series and has helped grow the sport from scratch for more than 5 years now it would be awesome if we could all vote for him as volunteer of the year to acknowledge all his hard work here.

But I also think we should still nominate him for Race ORGANIZER of the year as that is the category he should really be in – there is a place to vote “OTHER” where you can put in someones name here. Maybe that will send a message that we really need to acknowledge the grassroots race organizers that help build the sport up provincially as well.

Thanks to Alison & Jason for letting me know about it.

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6) Accommodations for the Double Header in Victoria.
And are thinking about staying at our host hotel the Howard Johnston I have heard from Dan Brady the Hotel General Manager that the hotel is quite busy for that weekend so book early!! They are giving our cross racers a GREAT deal of $79/night so take advantage of it if you need a place to stay.

The email for the Victoria hotel is suites@hojovictoria.ca website is www.hojovictoria.ca

7) We still got Stuff for Sale!!
We have a few things for sale either me, Mag 3 Auger award winner Stefan or Wendy.

Wendy: If you are interested in any of the team clothing items that I had at the last event but did not have any cash let me know and I can bring them to another event.

Mag 3 Auger award Winner Stefan:
I am selling my Fuji Cross bike when you can not ride one bike because of a broken wrist. 2 seems more than excessive. Details: 58 cm Fuji Cyclocross bike – $700 OBO – well ridden but super solid. Never crashed. New rear rim and drive train last winter. Great starter cx bike!

Frame & Fork
– Frame Construction: TIG-welded
– Frame Tubing Material: X-Fusion Quaternary Aluminum
– Fork Brand & Model: Fuji Custom Cyclocross
– Fork Material: Carbon fiber composite w/aluminum steerer, aero crown

– Brakeset: Avid Shorty 4 brakes, Shimano 105 STI Dual Control levers
– Shift Levers: Shimano 105 STI Dual Control
– Front Derailleur: Shimano 105, bottom-pull/clamp-on 28.6mm
– Rear Derailleur: Shimano 105 SS
– Crankset: Ritchey Pro Cross, 38/48 teeth
– Pedals: Shimano 959

IFFFF you are interested let me know as I can bring it down to Duncan for you to check out NO you can NOT race it to try it out!

I am selling one of my 56cm Major Jake’s . Scandium Frame. Alpha Q Fork. Super NiCE! Dura Ace Shifters and rear DR. FSA Brand new wheels .$1700. Pro Level bike at mid level price. If you want more details or for me to bring this bike to Duncan let me know ahead of time.

8) Series Schedule
– HISTORY: September 13th. Series Race #1 FSA Cup at Beban Park
– HISTORY: October 4th. Series Race #2: Kona Kup at Bowen Park in Nanaimo
– DONE and HISTORY!!: October 18th. Series Race #3. Crosstoberfest at Providence Farm in Duncan.
– UNBELIEVABLY FUN!!: October 31st. Nutcase Intercontinental Single Speed Championships of the Universe! Was at Fletchers Farm.
– November 7th and 8th. Series Races #4 Children of the Corn Cross and #5 Cameron Cross will be in Victoria. #4 at a new venue at Slugget Farms in Central Saanich and #5 a new course at JDF a totally different course than last year as the BMX track is gone .so stay tuned on this one.
– November 22nd. Series Race #6 and Series FINAL. OrganicAthlete-egan Dave and Ian Craib are organizing a new venue and thus a new course at beautiful Hogwarts Castle. OK it is not Hogwarts but it is Shawnigan Lake school which should be awesome!

Sanctioned by Cycling BC.

Cross on the Rock presenting cross races on Vancouver Island. Starting in 2003. Finishing in November of 2009.

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