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Cross on the Rock 2015 Season #10 is Here

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September 10, 2015 – COTR Season #10.  2015  is here!  This weekend started the cross season in B.C. with the first race at Aldor Acres in Ft. Langley.  There is racing almost every weekend from now until the first weekend in December with the season finishing up with a great finale the Single Speed Cyclocross World Champs in Victoria, B.C.  Followed one week later by our own Provincial Champs. Behind the scenes the race organizers have organized a schedule with the least conflicts in the last few years allowing racers to travel back and forth over the Salish Sea for more cx action (and avoiding the strong US $).

Parting Shot…..training for SAND!  ©  COTR
There is a LOT going on!

Are you In or do you want OUT?
First order of business is this newsletter subscription list.  I know times and people change.  You might not want to ride cross any more (that is really strange).  You might not want to follow cross any more (more strange).  IF you don’t want this newsletter.  Fire me an e-mail.  If you are getting this e-mail more than once….send me a note.  If it is going to an old address and you want it to go to a fancy new one…..let me know.

Cross on the Rock 2015. Season #10
If you missed the schedule that was posted on our web site last December.  Or did not get/read your newsletter at the end of November.  Maybe you are not on Face Book?

This is the schedule for COTR 2015 with an overview of each event.

Race #1. September 13th: Coal Cross.  Taking it to the trees. Cumberland. Comox Lake (Don’t go to Village Park).

The first COTR race is September 13th but the season will start the night before in downtown Cumberland with the Cyclocross Criterium and UROC Fundraiser at the Waverly Hotel.  This crazy event last year was a highlight of the season for everyone that raced, watched or heckled at.  Plus Regan L. Pringle is on the poster.

Stay over night at one of the many nice little spots in Cumberland OR camp out at Comox Lake so you can wake up and be on the start line (literally) the next morning.

Comox Lake will be this year’s Cumberland venue.  Curtis is “taking it to the trees”.  We will have a FULL-Preview of this event next week but for now get excited about racing in a new and amazing spot.  Pack your swim suit!

Race #2. September 27th: Tugboat Cross. Ladysmith. Transfer Beach.

After a one year absence due to scheduling conflicts COTR travels to another scenic venue at Transfer Beach. …..yeah I know……it is beautiful!  Not only that is has a wicked playground to keep the little kids busy ALL-DAY!

The course at Transfer Beach has a bit of everything including elevation change, sand, beach, steps, grass and a super cool outdoor stadium.  If you get their early enough pop up into the town to find the best Cinnamon Bun on Vancouver Island.

Race #3. October 12th: Pro City Racing GP. Victoria. Topaz Park.

Every year we get a couple of e-mails letting us know that we put the date of our Thanksgiving Weekend race on the wrong date.  Nope!  Canadian legend-coach, Dan Proux, started this Thanksgiving tradition with us out at Juan de Fuca and it has become one of our biggest race dates with 3 of the biggest races in the top 10 on Thanksgiving Monday.

The last time we raced Topaz Park was in 2011 when Dawn Anderson and Tyler trace won the Expert Category.  That race had 190 people which was our biggest event up until that point.  A record that stood for a full season.

Race #4. October 25th: Bear Crossing.  Victoria.  Bear Mountain

Same mountain as last year….but a totally different area as we take over the LOWER golf course instead of the UPPER driving range.  As normal Drew MacKenzie will have an exciting course planned out that will allow to race so hard that you will feel absolutely no guilt hanging out on the deck of the Westin in your chamois later with a Phillips in your hand.

Race #5. November 7th: KONA KUP.  Nanaimo. Beban Park

Heads up…if you go to the location of the last 6 Kona Kups at Bowen park….you will NOT find the race there.  The Kona Kup heads to BEBAN park for the first time.  The last time Beban Park was used was in 2012 for the series championships put on by MIVA.  It had been used every year for a cross race since 2003 up until 2012 including the National Championships in 2006.  Always a tough course! Race #1 of our first Double Header in 2 years.  Book a room and the HoJo and save the drive home….’cause we want you back for the next day.

Race #6. November 8th:  My Little Pony Cross. Nanoose.  Arbutus Meadows

MIVA is organizing Race #2 of this year’s Double Header at Arbutus Meadows.  COTR’s third trip to this great venue that has a bit of everything.  This event is not until November…..so the final bits and pieces of course design are not quite nailed down but I know the topo and aerial shots are out and the crew is marking out all the possibilities.

Race #7. November 15th: Ronde Van Hogwarts.  Shawnigan.  Shawnigan Lake School

The season final will be at Shawnigan Lake School for the second time in our 10 year history.  This is a unique and amazing venue and we are incredibly lucky to have access to it.  Last year was our 3rd time in Shawnigan and our 3rd course on the property.  This year may be the same.  It might be different. It will be super fun!


We are live.  Don’t panic!
Registration for each race will close at 7:00pm the night before the race.
Registration for the series will close at 7:00pm the night before the first race (in order to get the series discount).

Here is the link If you want to register for the series:
Series Registration here.

For the Individual races:
Race 1 – here
Race 2 – here
Race 3 – here
Race 4 – here
Race 5 – here
Race 6 – here
Race 7 – here

Cross on the Rock Categories 2015 (There have been some changes) and start times.

Beginner Men/Women
Including those racing the series as U13 and U15 Youth

Kids “Zoom Zoom” Half Track
Kids around 7-10’ish (parents welcome) riding on the regular adult course.

Intermediate Men
Males under 39, including those racing the series as U17 Youth

Intermediate Women
Including those racing the series as U17 Youth or Masters 40+

Lil’ Nutcase Helmets Kids Race
Kids under 7 – parents discretion. Ride on separate kids course.

Masters Men (40-54)
All males 40-54 not wanting to race Expert (or Beginners)

Super Masters Men (55+)
All males 55+ (Unless racing Beginner)

Expert Men
“Fasters” Welcome (Fasters = Fast Masters)

Expert Women

License Requirements for Cross on the Rock 2015

First of all you can race any COTR race without buying a full time license.  See Option #3

With regards to “What type of license” I need to buy there are three different types that will get you on the start line.

#1-First Type:  UCI International License This license allows you to compete anywhere in Canada or the World, in the race category for each cycling discipline listed on your license.

THESE LICENSES JUST WENT ON SALE (PRO RATED) yesterday on the Cycling BC web site for the remainder of the year.

#2-Second Type: Citizen License. This license allows you to compete our COTR grassroots races.

#3-Third Type: Day License $10.  IF you are only going to race less than 5 of the COTR SERIES RACES then you can just pick up a Day-of-Race license (if you are going to race more than 5 then go for Option #2).

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