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‘Cross For A Cause – Week 2

November 2, 2005 – Everything was in place for yet another great evening of cyclo-cross. Week two of “˜Cross for a Cause series was raced in the different scenario this week: in total darkness. St-Anselme Park offered a great location to set up an awesome course. Most sections were lit by park lights and a generator was also brought in for a strategic area. The following pics (http://paddlerx.smugmug.com/gallery/931503) will witness the fun and enthusiasm of the evening.

This event, proudly supported by Mike’s Bike Shop, will see every registration dollar go towards a good cause at the end of the four weeks. The winner of the general points classification will select a charitable organisation to donate the funds raised.

Once again this week, with the handicap calculation system (where the strongest riders need to complete more lap then others), the winner was a total surprise until the commissaries published the results.

Here are this week’s results (my apologies, two names are missing and I only had the numbers on the results sheet):

1. René Julien
2. Guy Pellerin
3. Luc Belliveau
4. Patrice Boudreau
5. Michelle Chase
6. Luc Arseneau
7. Christien Arsenault
8. Jean Léger
9. Krista Koval
10. Ian Dennis

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\’Cross For A Cause – Week 2

October 31, 2005 – Well, after last week’s cancellation due to Wilma, this week, we’re going”¦regardless of any of the Flinstones getting involved.

With the time change of the weekend, the biggest challenge will no longer be weather, but darkness! The race will go counter clock wise and the course will be 1399 metres long (about 100 m longer then week one).

Although we recommend head or bike lights, 90% of the course will be lit. So it is possible to race without a light (I personally tested with both options). We’ll even have generators and lights where necessary.

So, Mountain bikes, elite rider, new racers, lights, no lights, we’ll take them all. Remember, it’s for a good cause (all registration money will go towards a good cause) and you level of racing will be adjusted with an handicap, everybody can win!

On the handicap rule, week one’s winner now must complete an extra lap while last place finisher can do one lap less.

Another factor will be possible colder conditions as the weeks go by. Here is my advice:

– When riding in the cold, layer is always the idea. To wear the big heavy coat is not always best. It’s better to have two or even 3 small jackets then a big one.

– Cyclo-cross keeps you real warm during the race. No worries about this part! The important time is before and especially after. Bring clothes to change as soon as your race is over. We’ll have facilities opened.

– Where you lose the most heat is at the extremities (head, feet, hands). Good gloves are primary. Something to wear underneath your helmet (if helmet is too small, take the sponges (velcros) out for extra room) is also important. As for feet, well, you don’t really need the flashing shoe covers? A good ol’ pair of socks will do. Simply cut a hole for your cleats, and you’re in business!

So bring your smile and enthusiasm tomorrow night for 6:00 pm at St-Anselme Park (Dieppe, NB).

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