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Cross at Centennial Park

August 30, 2007 – Cross at Centennial Park, Etobicoke will start at 6:45 pm, Tuesday, September 4 and continues every Tuesday until at least the end of November. This is a change from previously posted info to accommodate a few participants’ work and family schedules. We hope it isn’t a great inconvenience to everyone else. Participants need either an UCI licence or an OCA Citizen’s Permit. One day permits will be sold to those wishing to try cross for the first time; please recall that you are only allowed to purchase three one-day permits during a calendar year.

Weather caveat: Craig hates standing around in the rain, so if Accu-Weather predicts more than light rain for the 7 to 8 pm time period at Toronto airport then the session is cancelled.

Course changes every week and is set-up to enable you to work on those elements that you feel you need to work on. Basically it is a training facility. Usually the evening ends with a 3 to 5 lap personal best type race. The first few weeks will be basically flat and rolling hill courses. As the light fails we will switch to the ski hill. Washrooms are in the chalet. Post clinic: Tims

Weekly fee is $9 per person ($5 Midweek Club member) which goes to covering the cost of turning on the lights and the park permit.

We would like to add a youth (age 10 to 15) program to this year’s schedule. If you are willing to help please contact Craig directly at cfagan@sympatico.ca

We want to encourage kids to try this discipline. Does anyone know any teachers who may be willing to post a poster within their school? Please forward contact info.

Lastly: Craig’s looking for that perfect cyclo-cross picture to use on the poster. Submissions welcome. Photo file size as a jpeg of at least 2.5 megs are preferred. The photographer will get photo credit. Please email to Craig directly at cfagan@sympatico.ca If you want to send more than 6 megs of data please contact Craig and he’ll give you access to his FTP site.

Thanks, see you next Tuesday.

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