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Critical Mass Bike Ride Today In Vancouver

August 26, 2005 – Der Critical Mass Bike Ride is today. And Rollerblade, Skate, Wheel, Walk, Street Party. Meet at 5-5:30pm Depart 6pm From Vancouver Arte Gallery Georgia St. in Downtown Vancouver.


Come on out for a relaxing fun party in your city streets. a comfortable ride for all riding sensibilities, enjoy a safer riding experience with less cars, as we temporarily displace the automobile and imagine a healthier city. rain or shine – forecast: shiny rolling fun!

NO DECIDED upon costume theme, though costumes are always fun and encouraged. suggestions include: mythical creatures, gods and goddesses, puppies and kittens, fruits and vegetables, blue sky ride [a theme we’ve often advocated for september rides which never seems to work because of the september rain], mohawks, raised central head-hair planar unit, parkas, no pants, ride in circles [how big, circles are inevitable], everybody dresses up like couriers, bloodbath [shocking CARnage], burrard street bike lanes, no highway through east vancouver, september 22 car free day, support the striking telus/cbc workers, semi-formal cotillion, naked sockeye theme – your guess is as good as mine.

* http://www.velolove.bc.ca * http://www.bikesexual.org/cm
* http://vancouvercm.blogspot.com * http://www.onedayvancouver.ca

LOOK OUT FOR FREE BREAKFAST on the bikeroute on friday morning, stop
and help out promote the cm ride or donate food http://www.mcthree.ca/

PLEASE HURRY UP with the bike lane on burrard street bridge. it is not yet a done deal and needs lots of support. sadly, steadfast cyclist city councillor peter ladner, [who even rode in the 2000+4 wheels cm ride among other achievements] is caving into backroom corporate pressure instead of the city’s grassroots ‘powerful cycling lobby’. he currently says he is against the long needed improvement [it’s been 12 years]. but he can’t ride with that! it’s stupid to cling to outmoded automobile-only facilities 30 years into global warming with a looming oil crisis and repeated proof that human powered cities work better. [mailto:peter.ladner@vancouver.ca] this is not radical change peter, bike lanes replacing very few car lanes is the bare minimum. do you want to remain a solitary cyclist? or do you wish there was a mass every day!? cars take more space to carry less people, slower. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/burrard_street_bridge

>>> HEY FINALLY, on thursday, september 22, 2005, vancouver will join 1,500 other cities and 100 million people worldwide in celebration of car free day. from noon to 8:00 pm, people of all ages will be walking, jogging, skating, cycling, scootering, taking transit or ride-sharing to hip, historic gastown for a fun, friendly festival. water street and 1 block of carrall street will be closed to vehicles and transformed into a traffic-free streetscape with music, performances and displays that celebrate the healthy and affordable ways people in our community can move around. http://onedayvancouver.ca/carfreeday.html

There have been TONS OF FUN rides this summer. many were announceed on the the vancouver cm blog and you can read about them in the archives. don’t forget to post your photos, or link your photos there, so that everyone can share in the reminiscing http://vancouvercm.blogspot.com you can either post in a comment or post your own feature [login to http://www.blogger.com username:cmassrider password:everymonth]

TUNE IN and listen to the pedal revolutionary radio program on citr 1.9fm [or online http://www.citr.ca] on alternating thursdays from 5-6pm. now hosted by your excellent host conradical with many excellent insightful interviews on bike related culture and politics in this city.

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