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Crankworx 2005 – Slopestyle Preview

August 5, 2005 – Here are the invited athletes for tomorrow’s Slopestyle as well as the athletes who qualified in this afternoon’s rounds.

Qualified Athletes for the Pro Invitational
Slopestyle presented by Full Throttle
Rank Name Best Run
1 Jamie Goldman 32.3
2 Niels Windfeldt 30.5
3 Trond Hanson 30.3
4 Carlo Dieckmann 29.4
5 Joscha Forstreuter 27.6

-Paul Basagoitia – defending his title
-Timo Pritzel
-Kyle Strait
-Cameron McCaul
-Richie Schley
-Kirt Voreis
-Cedric Gracia
-Darren Berrecloth
-Thomas Vanderham
-Wade Simmons
-Robbie Bourdon
-John Cowan
-Aaron Chase
-Gareth Dyer
-Carlin Dunne
-Randy Spangler
-David Watson
-Geoff Gulevich
-Jordi Lunn

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