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Coupe des Nations Ville de Saguenay — Stage 1 Full Results

June 5, 2008 (La Baiie, QC) РAlessandro Mazzi (Ita) Italy took Stage 1, 150.9km, from Jonqui̬re to La Baiie, winning over Edgaras Kovaliovas (Ltu) Lithuania in second and Eric Boily (Can) Canada A in 3rd. The Coupe des Nations Ville de Saguenay runs from June 5-8.


1. Alessandro Mazzi (Ita) Italy 3:56:25
2. Edgaras Kovaliovas (Ltu) Lithuania 0:02
3. Eric Boily (Can) Canada A 0:04
4. Jocelyn Bar (Fra) France 0:07
5. Jay Robert Thomson (RSA) South Africa
6. Ben Gastauer (Lux) Luxembourg 0:10
7. Alfredo Balloni (Ita) Italy 0:49
8. Rui Costa (Por) Portugal 0:51
9. Kalle Corneliussen (Den) Denmark 0:53
10. Matteo Busato (Ita) Italy 0:55
11. Thomas Kvist (Den) Denmark
12. Robin Chaigneau (Ned) Netherlands
13. Ruslan Karimov (Uzb) Uzbekistan
14. Jaco Venter (RSA) South Africa
15. Kim Michely (Lux) Luxembourg
16. Jonathan Thire (Fra) France
17. Cornelius Vanoojen (Ned) Netherlands
18. Tomas Mice (Ltu) Lithuania
19. Damien Branaa (Fra) France
20. Evaldas Siskevicius (Ltu) Lithuania
21. Jean-Lou Paiani (Fra) France
22. Arnaud Godet (Fra) France
23. Berjam Lindeman (Ned) Netherlands
24. Yaroslav Malakhov (Uzb) Uzbekistan
25. Ryan Anderson (Can) Canada A
26. Marco Cunha (Por) Portugal
27. David Veilleux (Can) Canada A
28. Remco Broers (Ned) Netherlands
29. Henrique Casimiro (Por) Portugal
30. Ricardo Vilela (Por) Portugal
31. Alesssandro Colo (Ita) Italy
32. Andre Tremblay (Can) Canada B
33. Alessandro De Marchi (Ita) Italy
34. Matthew Haydock (Can) Mixte 1:14
35. Andrea Grendene (Ita) Italy 1:32
36. Guy East (USA) Team USA
37. Mario Contreras (Can) Mixte
38. Maxim Kumilevski (Blr) Belarus
39. Hichem Chabane (Can) Mixte
40. Dave Vuckets (Can) Canada B
41. Charly Vives (Can) Canada A

42. Jefry Romero (Col) Colombia 1:55
43. Anders Hilligsoe (Den) Denmark 3:16
44. Gediminas Kaupas (Ltu) Lithuania
45. Temur Mukhamedov (Uzb) Uzbekistan 3:24
46. Cheyne Hoag (USA) Team USA 5:25
47. Marcio Barbosa (Por) Portugal 6:58
48. Johan Rabie (RSA) South Africa
49. Konstantin Shkredau (Blr) Belarus 14:42
50. Azamat Turaev (Uzb) Uzbekistan
51. Thomas Guldhammer (Den) Denmark
52. Yury Yazepchyk (Blr) Belarus 17:26
53. Joel Dion-Poitras (Can) Canada A
54. Jake Keough (USA) Team USA
55. Ryan Belliveau (Can) Canada B
56. Flemming Rasmussen (Den) Denmark
57. Nick Keough (USA) Team USA
58. Adam Thuss (Can) Canada B
59. Travis Burandt (USA) Team USA
60. Jonathan Kinnear (RSA) South Africa
61. Ryan Bauman (USA) Team USA
62. Julian Van Dijk (Ned) Netherlands
63. Zach Garland (Can) Canada A
64. Bradley Potgieter (RSA) South Africa
65. Jorge Teixeira (Pro) Portugal
66. Jarlison Pantano (Col) Colombia
67. Fabio Andres Duarte (Col) Colombia
68. Camilo Moyano (Col) Colombia
69. Albarracin Suarez (Col) Colombia
70. Yoedison Bustamante (Col) Colombia
71. Marc Reef (Ned) Netherlands
72. Victor Mironov (Can) Mixte
73. Aliaksandp Shasshkouski (Blr) Belarus
74. Jempy Drucker (Lux) Luxembourg
75. Cyrille Heymans (Lux) Luxembourg
76. Abdelkader Belmokhtar (Can) Mixte
77. Shane Archbold (Can) Mixte
HD Guillaume Boivin (Can) Canada B

HD Siphiwe Sowela (RSA) South Africa
HD Jean-Michel Lachance (Can) Canada B
DNF Morten Kruse Brink (Den) Denmark
DNF Mauro Andres Agostini (Arg) Lithuania
DNF Martin Raul Giovannini (Arg) Lithuania
DNF Carlo Kirsch (Lux) Luxembourg

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