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Cougar Mountain Classic Gets Speedy Results!

September 7, 2005 – Getting results to journalists fast – that’s what Treo and SendWordNow plan to do at the Infineon Technologies Cougar Mountain Classic, September 9-11.

Taking advantage of the one device most journalists carry with them at all times, the cell phone, the CMC will send short text messages with results to journalists who provide their cell number. Topics include subjects related to pro events such as unofficial and official top five results, the availability of official results in the press office, notification about the commencement of awards ceremonies, and practical matters such as the serving time of lunch.

For those with smartphones, such as the Palm Treo, those messages can contain web links that will jump the subscriber to web pages with items such as start lists, full results and short news items. Besides text, the SendWordNow service can simultaneously deliver the message as an email message to a phone or computer, or as a phone call using text-to-speech technology.

The purpose of providing these information snippets is to assist journalists working onsite in making decisions about where to be at particular times of the day. For journalists covering the event remotely, the text messages provide notification of when key information becomes available, so they can be first out with their story.

Late Wednesday September 8, all journalists on the O2 Sports Media mailing list will be sent an invitation to sign up for the messaging service, so please keep a lookout for this, even if not covering the Cougar Mountain Classic, this is a great opportunity for journalists to see for themselves the possibilities and to provide feedback on how the service could be refined to better suit journalistic needs in the future.–
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