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Confrontation Filmed Between Cyclist and Motorist in Ottawa

by Ben Andrew

January 16, 2017 (Ottawa, ON) – A startling confrontation between a cyclist and motorist in down Ottawa which was filmed, is gaining attention. The altercation occurred on January 12, according to the Ottawa Police, at the corner of Bronson St. and Slater St. The intersection is on a popular route for those riding between the downtown core and the West End of the city.


Both the cyclist and vehicle were reportedly traveling North bound on Bronson when the cyclist made a lane change that the driver did not like. The video shows the cyclist standing with his bike in front of the car while the driver edges forward but the cyclist pushes back. The 39-second video, first posed online by Ottawa radio station CFRA, was filmed by someone in a vehicle next to the incident, but does not include the events the caused it.

Speaking to the CBC, Staff Sgt. Stephane Tracy had suggested that charges could be laid due to violations under the Highway Traffic Act or Criminal Code, including against the party filming if they were using a phone while driving.

CBC quoted Tracy as saying, “We don’t condone this type of behaviour and we don’t want people to engage in this type of behaviour…people should not take matters into their own hands.”

On Jan. 15, Ottawa Police announced that the complainant has decided not to press charges, however the incident may still come under review by the Ottawa Police Traffic Unit, according to Const. Chuck Benoit. The video, which has been posted to social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, has sparked heated discussion.

Link to Ottawa Police tweet regarding no charges here.

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