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Conestoga Road Race

August 22, 2005 – Here are the results from the Conestoga Road Race held August 21, 2005 in St. Clements, Ontario.

Under-17 Men 48 km, 7 starters

1. Matthew Robertson (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs) 1:15:36
2. Ricardo Perea (Midweek Cycling Club) 1:16:49
3. Michael Hruska (Hamilton Cycling) 1:16:56
4. Joseph Veloce (St. Catharines Cycling Club) 1:20:19
5. Mac Jonker (Silver Spokes Cycling Club)
6. Ryan Aitcheson (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs)
7. Andrew Dadds (Midweek)

Senior 3 & Junior Men 77 km, 36 starters

1. Ed Veal (Newmarket Eagles Cc) 2:00:07
2. David McDonnell (Newmarket Eagles Cc)
3. Bryson Bowers (Independent)
4. Alex Bhogal (Sweet Pete’s ) all s.t.
5. Nicholas Vienneau (Independent) 2:01:25
6. Thomas Foster (Independent)
7. Craig Browne (Coach Chris.Ca / All Season Sports)
8. Jeremy Rethazy (Midweek Cycling Club)
9. Jonathan Prosser (Hamilton Cycling Club)
10. Mike McCaughey (Pieriks)
11. Mario Muredda (Frank’s Red Hot)
12. Darren English (Midweek Cycling Club)
13. Raymond Auger (Maple Leaf Cycling Club)
14. Sebastian Porten (Gears Racing.Com) all s.t.
15. John Hall (Oakville)
16. Jordan Shepherd (Neworld)
17. Sloden Lackovic (Independent)
18. Andrew Hunt (St. Catharines Cycling Club)
19. Chris Ivey (Independent)
20. Daniel Dagard (Independent)
21. Victor Delac (Pavan)
22. Duncan Jackson (Cycle Cambridge.Com – Kicx 99.5)

Master A Men, 96 km, 39 starters

1. Charlie Squires (Westhaven Homes Ct) 2:30:32
2. Greg Cavanagh (Independent) 2:32:09
3. Joseph Torchia (Westhaven Homes Ct) 2:32:15
4. Rhys Spencer (La Bicicletta – J Lindeberg) 2:32:25
5. Chris Morden (Independent) 2:32:54
6. Robert Fletcher (La Bicicletta – J Lindeberg) st
7. David Woolley (Bikesports – Pfaff Rt) 2:33:18
8. Chris Kiziak (Bikesports – Pfaff Rt) st
9. Robert D’Amico (Pavan Cycling Club) st
10. Dan Dolan (Elite Racing Association) 2:33:31
11. Zachary Steinman (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs) st
12. Carlos Goncalves (Westhaven Homes Ct)
13. James McEwen (Midweek Cyling Club)
14. Gerard Yeates (Sport Swap Racing)
15. Antonio Liokossis (Coach Chris.Ca / All Season Sports)
16. Jeffrey Chow (Reynold Koolini Racing Team)
17. Lorne Anderson (La Bicicletta – J Lindeberg)
18. Martin Ray (Elite Racing Association)
19. Tom Villano (Sport Swap Racing)
20. Doug Richards (Independent)
21. Steve Holditch (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs)
22. Rob Sidhu (Independent)
23. Dave Scott (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs)
24. Mike Novo (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs)
25. Curtis Gloade (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs)
26. Paul Dean (Westhaven Homes Ct)
27. Mikel Pearce (Independent)
DQ David Thompson (Independent)
DQ Paul Tolomiczenko (Aquila Racing / Racer Sportif)
DQ Mike Vantil (Silver Spokes Cycling Club)
DQ Eric Crudeli (Bikesports – Pfaff Rt)

Master B Men 96 km, 28 starters

1. Jim Davis (Jet Fuel Coffee) 2:34:40
2. Garnett Abbey (D’Ornellas Racing Team)
3. Robert Szasz (Jet Fuel Coffee)
4. Stefan Kramer (Midweek Cycling Club)
5. Robert Brehn (Jet Fuel Coffee)
6. Kees Louws (Independent)
7. Steve Copeland (London Centennial Wheelers)
8. Bert Candela (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs)
9. Martin Derlacki (Independendent)
10. Francois Faust (Oakville Race Team)
11. Glen McCrone (Bikesports – Pfaff Rt)
12. Igor Dragoslavic (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs)
13. Brian Taborek (Independent)
14. Gregory T. Cushing (D’Ornellas Racing Team) all s.t.
DQ. Bruno Grossi (Pavan Cycling Club)
DQ Phill Vermette Vaughan Midweek
DQ Geoff Banner (Oakville Race Team)
DQ Marc Polsinelli (Pavan Cycling Club)

Master C & D Men 77 km, 11 starters

1. Jan Bogobowicz (Independent) 2:13:52
2. Rob Cheskey (Hamilton Cycling Club) st
3. Bruce Camacho (D’Ornellas Racing Team) 2:17:44
4. John Parkinson (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs)
5. Taras Kowalczyszyn (Cornwall Cycle Club)
6. Ron Baines (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs)
7. Jim Elzinga (Independent) all.s.t.
8. Allan Consky (Independent)
9. Alan Jette (Epic Ride / Digica.Ca)
10. Victor Reinberg (Independent)
11. Kazimierz Sadowski (Independent)

Junior Women 48 km, 2 starters

1. Charlotte Batty (Bay Cycle / 3 Rox Racing) 1:39:17
2. Laura Bietola (Fly Gurlz) 1:47:18

Senior & Master Women 77 km, 21 starters

1. Merrill Collins (La Bicicletta – J Lindeberg) 2:14:52
2. Leigh Hobson (Team Diet Cheerwine) s.t.
3. Jessica Spence (Cavern Cycles – Sneaky Dees) 2:14:57
4. Nada Pasko (Midweek Cycling Club) s.t.
5. Maogosha Pyjor (Wheels Of Bloor) 2:15:18
6. Rebecca Nelson (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club)
7. Anita Lagler (Wheels Of Bloor) s.t.
8. Anna Tratnyek (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club) 2:15:54
9. Lucinda Wallace (Mississauga Cycling) 2:17:37
10. Anne Guzman (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club) 2:19:30
11. Rosemary Garlapow (Terry Precision) 2:22:39
12. Tabitha Ferguson (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs) 2:22:44
13. Katherine Michaluk (Racer Sportif)
14. Kim Deakes (Independent)

Senior 1 & 2 Men 115 km, 39 starters

1. Josh Hall (Jet Fuel Coffee) 2:53:00
2. Jeff Schiller (Gears Racing.Com) 2:53:05
3. Damian Kurzawinski (Midweek Cycling Club) 2:53:10
4. Heath Cockburn (La Bicicletta – J Lindeberg) 2:53:17
5. Greg Roth (Italpasta – Transport Belmire) 2:53:32
6. Darko Ficko (La Bicicletta – J Lindeberg) 2:54:58
7. Michael Moore (Gearsracing.Com)
8. Jason Valenti (Coach Chris.Ca / All Season Sports)
9. Nathan Chown (Italpasta – Transport Belmire)
10. Benjamin Jamesson (USA (0060360))
11 Jamey Gildiner (Midweek Cycling Club)
12. Craig Doucet (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs)
13. Isaac Smith (St. Catharines Cycling Club)
14. Daniel Maggiacomo (Italpasta – Transport Belmire)
15. Dale Beaton (Bike Race Ottawa)
16. Vincent Francescutti (Maple Leaf Cycling Club)
17. Trevor Connor (Chris Cookies / Swan Cycles)
18. Adam McClounie (Whole Foods)
19. Eduardo Maset (Pavan Cycling Club)
20. Matthew Bonin (Whole Foods) all s.t.
DQ. Maurice Ruelland (Maple Leaf Cycling Club)

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Conestoga Road Race

August 17, 2005 – ExtremeRoad.com is pleased to present the second annual Conestoga Road Race on Sunday August 21, 2005 at St. Clements, Ontario, just north of Waterloo. The race course follows a rolling 9.6 km 3-corner circuit featuring two climbs per lap including the (in)famous Hawkesville Hill ascent. The final series of climbs over the last 4 km will make for an exciting finish for both riders and spectators.

This course is an exceptionally challenging and popular circuit with local cyclists for both training and touring. With an extra-wide paved shoulder all the way up both sides of the climb and continuing over a stretch of one km past the peak and around the wide sweeping curve, the course has plenty of room in the most critical areas. There is even a paved shoulder on the outside of the final corner leading into a tough 450m climb to the finish. The schedule includes a full slate of categories with race distances based on the Ontario Cup standard. Registration will take place at St. Clements Arena and includes access to change rooms and showers along with a concession stand and plenty of parking.

New for 2005: The schedule has been re-arranged to accommodate the larger categories in the morning and the categories have been further sub-divided into six separate categories with three racing in the morning and three in the afternoon.


Senior 1 & 2 Men 9h45 115 km, 12 laps $40.00
Master A 30-39 Men 9h48 96 km, 10 laps $40.00
Master B 40-49 Men 9h50 96 km, 10 laps $40.00
Under-17 Men 14h00 48 km, 5 laps $20.00
Junior Men 14h00 77 km, 8 laps $30.00
Senior 3 Men 14h00 77 km, 8 laps $30.00
Master C & D 50+ Men 14h03 77 km, 8 laps $30.00
Senior & Master Women 14h06 77 km, 8 laps $30.00
Junior Women 14h06 48 km, 5 laps $20.00

Registration opens at 7h30 and closes 30 mins. before the start of each race. UCI Licensed riders as well as Under-17 age riders with OCA Citizen Permits are eligible to register. Unlicensed riders may register by purchasing a One Event Race Permit for an additional $10.00. U.S riders with Domestic licences are required to purchase a One-Event Race permit.

Technical Guide There is a detailed technical guide available in .pdf format on the web site and it contains full information regarding the course, schedule, event and equipment rules as well as maps and a description of prizes.

Video Finish System The ExtremeRoad.com Video Finish System will be used for timing and computerized results.

Race Numbers

Riders are expected to supply their own OCA-issued SISU road race numbers. For those without OCA numbers, there will be temporary numbers available for a refundable deposit of $5. Please bring your assigned numbers to registration. Also note that if you were issued numbers in the range 1-99 at a previous race that those numbers cannot be used at this race. Please contact the OCA if you are unsure of your assigned road race number.
Anyone interested in helping out at this event is requested to contact us at (519) 885-2591 or via e-mail at info@extremeroad.com.

From Toronto, take Hwy 401 west and then take Hwy 8 exit 278 to Kitchener.
Take exit to Hwy 85 North Waterloo.
Go 12 km then take exit to Reg Rd 15.
Turn left on Rd 15 and cross the bridge over Hwy 85.
Go 2 km then turn left to continue on Reg Rd 15 towards St. Clements.
Go 8 km to St. Clements and then follow signs to St. Clements Arena on Green St.

From London, take Hwy 401 east and exit at Regional Rd 8 (King St E) to Kitchener.
Stay right and go under Hwy 401 to Kitchener.
Exit to the Hwy 8 on-ramp to Kitchener.
Follow directions as above.

The weather outlook is sunny and warm with a few clouds, winds NW 10 kph and a high of 26C. See you there!

For more details
web site: www.extremeroad.com
e-mail: info@extremeroad.com
Phone: (519) 885-2591

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Conestoga Road Race

July 5, 2004 – Here are the results from the Conestoga Road Race held on
Sunday, July 4, 2004.

Senior 1 & 2 Men 115 km
1. CHOWN, Nathan (GearsRacing.com) RS1
2. WIEDITZ, Thorben “Oops” (Jet Fuel Coffee) RS1
3. RUTLEDGE, Mike (Belmire – Ital Pasta) RS2
4. VALENTI, Jason (Mississauga BRC) RS2
5. REGO, Paul “Azores”(Coach Chris) RS1
6. DEBRAY, Ben (St. Catharines CC) RS2
7. MOORE, Mike (GearsRacing.com) RS1
8. MORSE, Peter (Midweek Elite) RS1
9. MILLER, Buck “Kevin” (Jet Fuel Coffee) RS1
10. VARGHESE, Antoine (Belmire – Ital Pasta) RS1
11. ZUCK, Don (Pavan CC – Teranet) RS1
12. HALL, Josh “Jibber” (Jet Fuel Coffee) RS1
13. MAGGIACOMO, Dan “Maggi” (Belmire – Ital Pasta) RS1
14. MIRA DE ORDUNA, Ramon (St. Catharines CC) RS1
15. ROTH, Ryan (Jet Fuel Coffee) RS1
16. MASET, Ed (Pavan CC – Teranet) RS2
17. SHEA, Patrick (KHS) RS1
18. HARRIS, John A.(Belmire – Ital Pasta) RS1
19. HANSEN, Jeff “J.B.”(Jet Fuel Coffee) RS1
20. HANSEN, Matt “Me” (Jet Fuel Coffee) RS1
21. KRIP, Brock (Midweek Elite) RS1
22. ATKINS, Christopher (Midweek Elite) RS1
23. SPRULES, Jamie (Midweek Elite) RS2
24. STOCK, Eric (St. Catharines CC) RS2
25. HAJDU, Attila (Mississauga BRC) RS2
26. HISCOCK, Rob (St. Catharines CC) RS2
27. GOODWIN, Douglas (Maple Leaf Cycling Club) RS2
28. HICKMAN, Andrew (Mississauga BRC) RS2
29. CRANMER, Kevan (Freewheel Cycle) RS2
30. GLASS, Shawn (Midweek CC) RS2
31. MANN, Rob (KHS) RS1
32. PRECIOUS, Marc (Ind.) RS2
33. TOMKINS, Wayne (Maple Leaf Cycling Club) RS2
34. KOKER, Trevor (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs) RS2
35. BRITNELL, Dave (Hummingbirds Int CC) RS2
36. ROTH, Greg (Belmire – Ital Pasta) RS2
37. WILSON, Andrew (Midweek CC) RS2
DNF. AMARAL, Jose (PFAFF-Bike Sports) RS2
DNF. FRY, David (Midweek Elite) RS1
DNF. SMALL, Simon (Belmire – Ital Pasta) RS1
DNF. KRAMER, Stephan (St. Catharines CC) RS2
DNF. MACDONALD, Andrew (Pavan CC – Teranet) RS2
DNF. SAVAGE, Noel (Peterborough) RS2
DNF. MCARTHUR, Stirling (Mississauga BRC) RS2
DNF. MUNRO, Malcolm (Send It Courier) RS1
DNF. VAN ARRAGON, John (True North) RS2

Under-17 Men 48 km
1. KORTEN , Alexander (St. Catharines CC)
2. BYER, Charlie (Hamilton CC)
3. HAZZARD, Kevin (Hamilton CC)
4. SCHMIDT, Kris (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs)
DNF. HISCOCK, Justin (Ind.)

Senior 3 & Junior Men 77 km
1. VEAL, Ed (Newmarket Eagles) RS3
2. GAULD, Keith (Team McBride) RJ
3. BATTY, Mark (3 Rox Racing) RJ
4. SMITH, Kyle (Cyclepath Oakville) RS3
5. TELISMAN, Paul (Ind.) RS3
6. MACDONALD, James (Newmarket Eagles) RS3
7. HODGKINSON, Ryan (PFAFF-Bike Sports) RS3
8. FRANCESCUTTI, Vincent (Maple Leaf Cycling Club) RS3
9. PICARD, Jason (Ind.) RS3
10. MINIC, Nenad (Cavern Cycle) RS3
11. ROBERSON, Eric (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs) RJ
12. STICKLE, John-Paul (St. Catharines CC) RS3
13. MANNING, Ian (PFAFF-Bike Sports) RJ
14. LOGAN, Garth (Hamilton CC) RS3
15. GREEN, Stuart (St. Catharines CC) RS3
16. TUITE, Patrick (Midweek CC) RS3
17. ROGERS, Justin (Ind.) RS3
18. AMARAL, Michael (Mississauga BRC) RS3
19. FELL, Andrew (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs) RS3
20. DUDKO, Henry (Ind.) RS3
21. HAYES, Bob (Ind.) RS3
22. CHRISTENSEN, Derek (St. Catharines CC) RS3
23. BOLZON, Sergio (Ind.) RS3
24. GROOTVELD, John (Ind.) RS3
25. HOGG, Andrew (Ind.) RS3
26. SEARS, Jeff (Speed River) RS3
27. SIDHU, Rob (Ind.) RS3
28. CRANWELL, Shawn (Hamilton CC) RS3
29. NELLA, Stefano (Ind.) RS3
30. AUGER, Raymond (Maple Leaf Cycling Club) RS3
31. MACDONALD, Simon (Ind.) RS3
32. DELAC, Victor (Pavan CC – Teranet) RS3
33. MACCORMACK, Sean (Brantford Cycle) RJ
34. GATTO, Douglas (Maple Leaf Cycling Club) RS3
DNF. DOUGLAS, Kyle (3 Rox Racing) RJ
DNF. PROSSER, Jonathan (Ind.) RJ
DNF. HALL, John (Hamilton CC) RS3
DNF. CONROY, David (Midweek CC) RS3

Master A/B/C/D 30+ Men 105 km
1. GLOADE, Curtis (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs) RMA
2. SQUIRES, Charlie (Westhaven Homes) RMC
3. BREHN, Robert (Jet Fuel Coffee) RMB
4. LIOKOSSIS , Antonio (Coach Chris) RMA
5. BARROS, Carlos (KHS Bicycles) RMA
6. MINERVA, Michael (Rochester Road) RMA
7. MARTINI, Mauro (Pavan Cycling) RMB
8. POLSINELLI, Marc (Pavan Cycling) RMB
9. DWYER, Nicholas (Reynold Koolini) RMA
10. PATON, Christopher (Mississauga Bike Racing) RMA
11. HOLLAND, Johr (Ind.) RMA
12. VINCZE, Jason (KHS Bicycles) RMA
13. HUMPHREY, Neil (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs) RMA
14. DAVISON, Kevin (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs) RMA
15. MCKNIGHT, Mike (Ind.) RMA
16. BERGER, Mark (D’Ornellas Racing) RMB
17. PRESTON, Frank (Chain Reaction) RMB
18. VEDOVA, Craig (Coach Chris) RMA
19. TORCHIA, Joseph (Westhaven Homes) RMB
20. DERLACKI, Martin (Ind.) RMB
21. CHISHOLM, Douglas (Coach Chris) RMA
22. SIMPSON, Anthony (Mississauga Bike Racing) RMA
23. ANDRIGO, Roy (Ind.) RMB
24. FARYNA, Jack (Ind.) RMB
25. VIEL, Mike (Pavan Cycling) RMC
26. DRAGOSLAVIC, Igor (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs) RMB
27. BANNER, Geof (Aquila Racing) RMB
28. CANDELA, Bert (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs) RMB
29. TERSIGNI, Joe (Newmarket Eagles) RMC
30. KOWALEZYK, William (Coach Chris) RMA
31. CHON, Jefferey (Reynold Koolini) RMA
32. MAKARCHUK, Ed (KHS Bicycles) RMA
33. BUSCH, Scott (KHS Bicycles) RMA
34. JOYCE, Travis (Mississauga Bike Racing) RMA
35. FORSDIKE, Michael (Coach Chris) RMA
36. HILL, Steven (Alto Velo Racing) RMB
37. CUBELLO, Fulvio (PFAFF-Bike Sports) RMB
38. RICE, Terry (Silver Spokes) RMB
39. RAMSAY, James (Ind.) RMA
40. VAN TIL, Mike (Ind.) RMA
41. COPELAND, Steven (London Centennial Wheelers) RMB
42. GELARIS, Perry (Coach Chris) RMB
43. SZASZ, Robert (Festival City) RMB
44. LEE SHEE, David (La Bicicletta) RMC
45. CHIOCCA, Robert (Ind.) RMA
46. O’BLENES, Paul (The Cyclery) RMB
DNF. MACPHAIL, Don (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs) RMA
DNF. AMARAL, Jose (PFAFF-Bike Sports) RS2
DNF. ROBERTS, Scott (Coach Chris) RMB
DNF. KOWALCZYSZYN , Taras (Team Aztech) RMC
DNF. CICHAN, Michael (Ind.) RMA
DNF. ROEST, Hank (Ind.) RMB
DNF. STRONG, Richard (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs) RMA
DNF. CONNELL, Stuart (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs) RMB
DNF. GROSSI, Bruno (Pavan Cycling) RMB
DNF. STEINMAN, Zachary (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs) RMA
DNF. LEE, Robert (TeamBike Doctor Cannondole) RMA
DNF. BUFTON, Claudio (Midweek ) RMA
DNF. HOLDITCH, Steven (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs) RMA
DNF. DEAN, Paul (Westhaven Homes) RMB
DNF. VERMETTE, Phill (Juventus Cyclin) RMB
DNF. BAILLIE, Jayson (Mississauga Bike Racing) RMA
DNF. THOMLISON, Brent (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs) RMB
DNF. HOWARD , Jonathan (Somerset Rochester) RMB
DNF. SCOTT, Dave (Ind.) RMA
DNF. HELWIG, Chris (Coach Chris) RMA
DNF. JOHNSTON, Dave (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs) RMA
DNF. BONGARD, James (KHS Bicycles) RMA
DNF. CAMERON, Glenn (KHS Bicycles) RMA
DNF. PALMER, Greg (Coach Chris) RMA
DNF. WOOD, Chris (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs) RMA
DNF. JOHANNESSON, Glen (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs) RMA
DNF. CHAMBERS, Chris (Chain Reaction) RMB
DNF. PIERCE, David (PFAFF-Bike Sports) RMB
DNF. GORDON, Randy (Ind.) RMA
DNF. MAZUR, Mirek (Midweek CC) RMB
DNF. PEPPER, Fred (Westhaven Homes) RMB
DNF. WOOLLEY, David (Ind.) RMA

Senior & Master Women 77 km
1. SHAW, Amanda (The Cyclery) RS3
2. NELSON, Rebecca (Midweek CC) RS3
3. ECEROVA, Zuzka (Ind.) RS3
4. SCHROEDER, Renee (Maple Leaf Cycling Club) RMW
5. PASKO, Nada (Ind.) RMW
6. WIEDITZ, Ireen (Midweek CC) RS3
7. FERGUSON, Tabitha (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs) RMW
8. HAILL, Carolyne (Midweek CC) RMW
DNF. HONSBERGER, Lesley (St. Catharines CC) RS3
DNF. CERMAK, Naomi (Hamilton CC) RS3

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