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Commonwealth Games Women’s TT Results, Photos – Glaesser 10th

by pedalmag.com
Jasmin Glaesser [P] Guy Swarbrick
July 31, 2014 (Glasgow, Scotland) – Jasmin Glaesser led the Canadian women finishing 10th in the Women’s 30km TT won by Linda Villumsen (New Zealand) at the Commonwealth Games today. Laura Brown finished 16th and Leah Kirchmann was 24th following a crash in one of the corners.

Laura Brown [P] Guy Swarbrick
Leah Kirchmann [P] Guy Swarbrick
Jasmin Glaesser [P] Guy Swarbrick


1. Linda Villumsen (New Zealand)    42:25.46
2. Emma Pooley (England)    42:31.49
3. Katrin Garfoot (Australia)    43:13.91
4. Jaime Nielsen (New Zealand)    43:29.85
5. Kate Archibald (Scotland)    43:30.01
6. Shara Gillow (Australia)    43:33.70
7. Elinor Barker (Wales)    43:56.44
8. Lucy Coldwell (Scotland)    44:03.40
9. Anna Turvey (Scotland)    44:08.62
10. Jasmin Glaesser (Canada)    44:12.64

16. Laura Brown (Canada)   46:35.77
24. Leah Kirchmann (Canada)    49:05.24

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