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Commonwealth Games Track Day 4 Report, Results, Photos – Pelletier-Roy Wins BRONZE

by pedalmag.com
Men's Scratch podium (l-r) O'Shea 2nd, Archbold 1st, Pelletier-Roy 3rd  ©  Guy Swarbrick
July 27, 2014 (Glasgow, Scotland) – Team Canada’s Remi Pelletier-Roy won Scratch Race bronze on the final day of the track competitions on the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome, Canada’s first cycling medal at the XX Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Remi Pelletier-Roy  ©  Guy Swarbrick

“I’m pretty happy and for the team it’s a great achievement. We came here with big goals for the track program and getting a medal was something we were hoping for. This was one of the last races and one of the last chances to do it so I’m pretty happy to put that on the boards for the team and the program, and for myself for sure,” Pelletier-Roy told Pedal.

Zach Bell  ©  Guy Swarbrick

Pelletier-Roy, Zach Bell and Aidan Caves all qualified to easily advance to the final. “Thanks to some smart riding by Bell, Pelletier-Roy got into perfect position for the sprint in the last five laps and he completely emptied the tank in the final sprint to claim the final podium spot,” said Kris Westwood, HP Manager with Cycling Canada and the team leader in Glasgow.

Remi Pelletier-Roy  ©  Guy Swarbrick
In the women’s points race, Jasmin Glaesser, Laura Brown and Steph Roorda raced well to put Glaesser in position to contend for the podium. She was in third at one point but started her final sprint from too far back and finished sixth.

Jasmin Glaesser  ©  Guy Swarbrick

Glaesser, Brown with Roorda behind  ©    ©  Guy Swarbrick

In the Men’s Keirin Joseph Veloce, Vincent De Haître and Hugo Barrette did not finish well enough in the first round to advance to the semi-final, but Barrette won his Repechage heat and advanced to the semis.

Hugo Barrette  ©  Guy Swarbrick

“In the semi-final he was perfectly positioned to advance to the final but a New Zealand rider took him up the track on the final lap and he finished fifth,” continued Westwood. “Although the New Zealander was relegated, it was not enough for Barrette to get the top-three placing he needed to go to the medal final… so he took out his frustrations by winning the 7-12 final by several bike lengths.”

Hugo Barrette hammers on the track to finish 7th in the men's Keirin  ©  Guy Swarbrick


Men’s Scratch Race


Heat 1
1. Andy Tennant (England) 11.33
2. Peter Kennaugh (Isle of Man)
3. Zach Bell (Canada)
4. Glenn P. O’Shea (Australia)
5. Martyn Irvine (Northern Ireland) -1 Lap
6. Nolan Hoffman (South Africa) -1 Lap
7. Darren Matthews (Barbados) -1 Lap
8. James McCallum (Scotland) -1 Lap
9. Remi Pelletier-Roy (Canada) -1 Lap
10. Jonathan Mould (Wales) -1 Lap
11. Shane Archbold (New Zealand) -1 Lap
12. Thomas Scully (New Zealand) -1 Lap
DNF Jyme Bridges (Antigua and Barbuda) -1 Lap
DNF Geron Williams (Guyana) -1 Lap
DNF Amit Kumar (India) -1 Lap
DNF Sombir (India) -1 Lap
DNF Oneil Samuels (Jamaica) -2 Laps
DNF Evan Carstens (South Africa) -1 Lap
DNS Sthven Burke (England) -1 Lap

Heat 2
1. Dylan Kennett (New Zealand) 11:47
2. Evan Oliphant (Scotland)
3. Luke Davison (Australia)
4. Joseph Kelly (Isle of Man)
5. Alex Edmondson (Australia)
6. Mark Christian (Isle of Man)
7. Marloe Rodman (Jamaica)
8. Aidan Caves (Canada)
9. Mark Stewart (Scotland)
10. Ed Clancy (England)
11. Samuel Harrison (Wales)
12. Owain Doull (Wales)
DNF Jamol Eastmond (Barbados)
DNF Jesse Kelly (Barbados)
DNF Muhammad I’Maadi Abd Aziz (Brunei Darussalam)
DNF Scott Savory (Guyana)
DNF Shreedhar Savanur (India)
DNF Kellan Gouveris (South Africa) -1 Lap

*Top 12 per heat advance to final

1. Shane Archbold (New Zealand)
2. Glenn P O’Shea (Australia)
3. Remi Pelletier-Roy (Canada)
4. Mark Christian (Isle of Man)
5. Joseph Kelly (Isle of Man)
6. Samuel Harrison (Wales)
7. Mark Stewart (Scotland)
8. Thomas Scully (New Zealand)
9. Darren Matthews (Barbados)
10. Zachary Bell (Canada)
11. Ed Clancy (England)
12. Dylan Kennett (New Zealand)
13. Peter Kennaugh (Isle of Man)
14. Martyn Irvine (Northern Ireland)
15. Owain Doull (Wales)
DNF Alex Edmonson (Australia)
DNF Luke Davison (Australia)
DNF Jonathan Mould (Wales)
DNF Evan Oliphant (Scotland)
DNF James McCallum (Scotland)
DNF Andy Tenant (England)
DNF Nolan Hoffman (South Australia)
DNF Aidan Caves (Canada)
DNF Marloe Rodman (Jamaica)

Women’s Points Race
1. Laura Trott (England) 37 points
2. Elinor Barker (Wales) 37
3. Katie Archibald (Scotland) 33
4. Amy Cure (Australia) 32
5. Rushlee Buchanan (New Zealand) 28
6. Jasmin Glaesser (Canada) 28
7. Dani King (England) 25
8. Lauren Ellis (New Zealand) 25
9. Annette Edmonson (Australia) 10   (-1 lap)  
10. Laura Brown (Canada) 6 
(-1 lap)
11. Melissa Hoskins (Australia) 4  (-1 lap)
12. Jupha Somnet (Malaysia) 2 (-1 lap)
13. Steph Roorda (Canada) 1  (-1 lap)
14. Georgia Williams (New Zealand) 1  (-1 lap)
15. Amy Roberts (Wales) 1  (-1 lap)
16. Lydia Helene Boylan (Northern Ireland) (-1 lap)
17. Joanna Rowsell (England) (-1 lap)
18. Eileen Roe (Scotland) (-1 lap)
19. Charline Joiner (Scotland) (-1 lap)
20. Hayley Jones (Wales) (-1 lap)
DNF Tamiko Butler (Antigua and Barbuda)
DNF Sunita Yanglem (India)

Men’s Keirin

Round 1

Heat 1
1. Peter Lewis (Australia) 10.483
2. Bernard Esterhuizen (South Africa)
3. Simon van Velthooven (New Zealand)
4. Joseph Veloce (Canada)   
5. Jason Kenny (England)
6. Amarjit Nagi (India)

Heat 2
1. Matthew Glaetzer (Australia) 10.495
2. Mohd Azizulhasni Awang (Malaysia)
3. Lewis Oliva (Wales)
4. Callum Skinner (Scotland)
5. Kian Emadi (England)
6. Alan Baby (India)
DNS Njisane Phillip (Trinidad and Tobago)

Heat 3
1. Sam Webster (New Zealand) 10.577
2. John Paul (Scotland)
3. Matthew Crampton (England)
4. Hugo Barrette (Canada)     
5. Muhammad Edrus Md Yunos (Malaysia)
6. Amrit Singh (India)
7. Jedidiah Amoako-Ackah (Ghana)

Heat 4
1. Chris Pritchard (Scotland) 10.798
2. Edward Dawkins (New Zealand)
3. Josiah Ng (Malaysia)
4. Shane Perkins (Australia)
5. Vincent De Haitre (Canada)
6. Quincy Alexander (Trinidad and Tobago)
7. Javed Mounter (Barbados)

*Top 2 advance to Round 2 – rest to Repechage

First Round Repechage

Heat 1
1. Shane Perkins (Australia) 10.46
2. Muhammad Edrus Md Yunos (Malaysia)
3. Simon van Velthooven (New Zealand)
4. Alan Baby (India)

Heat 2
1. Hugo Barrette (Canada) 10.653    
2. Lewis Oliva (Wales)
3. Kian Emadi (England)
4. Amarjit Nagi (India)
5. Javed Mounter (Barbados)

Heat 3
1. Matthew Crampton (England) 10.421
2. Jason Kenny (England)
3. Callum Skinner (Scotland)
4. Quincy Alexander (Trinidad and Tobago)
5. Jedidiah Amoako-Ackah (Ghana)

Heat 4
1. Josiah Ng (Malaysia) 10.587
2. Joseph Veloce (Canada)     
3. Vincent de Haitre (Canada)    
4. Njisane Phillip (Trinidad and Tobago)
5. Amrit Singh (India)

*winners advance to Semi-final


Heat 1
1. Mohd Azizulhasni Awang (Malaysia) 10.674
2. Peter Lewis (Australia)
3. Shane Perkins (Australia)
4. Chris Pritchard (Scotland)
5. Josiah Ng (Malaysia)
6. John Paul (Scotland)

Heat 2
1. Sam Webster (New Zealand)
2. Edward Dawkins (New Zealand)
3. Matthew Glaetzer (Australia)
4. Matthew Crampton (England)
5. Hugo Barrette (Canada)     
6. Bernard Esterhuizen (South Africa)

*Top 3 to Final 1-6  – rest to Final 7-12

Final 1-6
1. Mathew Glaetzer (Australia)
2. Sam Webster (New Zealand)
3. Mohd Azizulhasni Awang (Malaysia)
4. Shane Perkins (Australia)
5. Peter Lewis (Australia)
6. Ed Dawkins (New Zealand)

Final 7-12

7. Hugo Barrette (Canada)
8. Bernard Esterhuizen (South Africa)
9. Chris Pritchard (Scotland)
10. Mathew Crampton (England)
11. John Paul (Scotland)
12. Josiah Ng (Malaysia)

Women’s Sprint Final

Ride for Gold
1. Stephanie Morton (Australia) 11.734, 11.422
2. Anna Meares (Australia)

Ride for Bronze
3. Jess Varnish (England) 11.944, 11.856
4. Fatehah Mustapa (Malaysia)

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