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Commonwealth Games Men’s TT Results, Photos – Tuft 4th

by pedalmag.com
Sven Tuft  ©  Guy Swarbrick
July 31, 2014 (Glasgow, Scotland) – Canada’s Svein Tuft put in a solid day at the office placing 4th in the men’s 40km ITT today at the Commonwealth Games as Alex Dowsett (Eng) won the gold over Rohan Dennis (Aus) in second with Geraint Thomas (Wal) taking home the bronze.

Alex Dowsett (Eng)  ©  Guy Swarbrick
Zachary Bell  ©  Guy Swarbrick
Sven Tuft  ©  Guy Swarbrick
Zachary Bell  ©  Guy Swarbrick
Podium (l-r) Dennis 2nd, Dowsett 1st, Thomas 3rd  ©  Guy Swarbrick


1. Alex Dowsett (Eng) 47:41.78
2. Rohan Dennis (Aus) 9.30
3. Geraint Thomas (Wal) 14.04
4. Sven Tuft (Can) 51.46
5. Jesse Sergent (Nzl) 51.95
6. Michael Hepburn (Aus) 1:29.05
7. Steve Cummings (Eng) 1:33.08
8. David Millar (Sco) 2:14.45
9. Luke Durbridge (Aus) 2:15.95
10. James McLaughlin (Ggy) 2:57.86

14. Zachary Bell (Can) 4:33.60

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