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\”Coaching The Coaches\” Seminar

October 12, 2005 – Whether you are working with a group of young children at the house league level or highly skilled elite competitors, coaches are always looking for ways to get the most out of their athletes. Successful coaching entails far more than winning competitions, it involves a myriad of technical and tactical skills, but most of all it involves working with people and helping them achieve their best possible performance.

Internationally acclaimed gymnastics Coach, Carol-Angela Orchard will share her expertise and experience achieving first-rate results with athletes at all levels. This session will be beneficial for community coaches, sport leaders, administrators and volunteers in all sports.

October 26:

-7:00 p.m. Toronto – Sports Centre at Seneca College, “Successful Coaching Strategies”
Orchard will touch on many key topics that are integral components of a top notch program; development of the total person, mental strength development, getting the best performance out of your athletes, team cohesiveness, along with other key topics.

For more information about this event please visit www.coachesontario.ca or contact the CAO office at events@coachesontario.ca or (416) 426-7086. The Session is open to coaches, athletes, volunteers, administrators and sports enthusiasts. Become a CAO member today and take advantage of discounted workshop fees – $5 for CAO members or $10 for non members.

The CAO is pleased to be partnering with Seneca College, Gymnastics Ontario and the National Coaching Institute on this coach development opportunity.

The Coaches Association of Ontario is a non-profit coach-led organization that strengthens development opportunities and provides educational resources for coaches. The CAO promotes coaching ethics and ensures the wider community recognizes the vital role of the coach in the development of sport at all levels.

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