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CoachChris.ca/Ted Velikonja/Trudell Medical Team Announce Roster and Sponsors for 2015

release by CoachChris.ca

November 11, 2014 – The CoachChris.ca/Ted Velikonja/Trudell Medical Team is pleased to announce their roster and sponsors for 2015. We are very pleased to have Ted Velikonja returning as Co-Title Sponsor as well as Trudell Medical/ProResp as presenting sponsor.

Eric MacDonald on the Michigan Track  ©  CoachChris.ca

Other great sponsors include Scott Bikes, North London Chiropractic, WordFrog,  Octto Components, Cathy Williams CPA, CA and CR Courier. The team will race as a provincial trade team in 2015 with a mix of Road, Mountain, Track and MultiSport athletes. The team will contest races in Ontario, Quebec and some U.S. races with the focus on National Championships for many of the athletes. This will be the 14th year for the team and it hopes to have another strong season in 2015.

  Joyce Spruyt (Senior Road) on the Niagara Podium  ©  CoachChris.ca

Following are the 2015 Team Riders and Sponsors:

– Christian Stepanak (U17 Road)
– Jesse Rowley (U19 Road)
– Joseph Balasch (U19 MTB)
– Zach Konings (U19 Road)
– Eric MacDonald (U23 Track)
– Christopher Rowley (Senior Road)
– Sarah McKenzie Picot (Senior Road/Track)
– Stephanie Bester (Senior Road/Track)
– Ryan Phelps (Senior Road)
– Andrew Flanagan (Senior Road)
– Joyce Spruyt (Senior Road)
– Cheryl Madliger (Senior Road)
– Melanie Bernier (Senior Road/MTB)
– Stephan Postmus Para-Cycling C3)
– Becky Jennison (Masters Road)
– Chris Barson (Senior MTB/Cross/Road)
– Chris Durand (Masters MTB)
– Raye Ackerman (Masters Road)
– Wally Tykoliz (Masters MTB)
– Anna Tykoliz (Masters MTB/ITT)
– Brad Nicol (Masters Road)
– Mike Lewell (Masters Road)
– Amy White (Masters Road)
– Mark Graves (Masters MTB)
– Samantha Brennan (Masters Road)
– Ted Velikonja (Masters Road)
– Jeff Kehler (Masters Road)
– Mike Lewell (Masters Road)
– Doug Jamieson (Masters Road)
– Greg Palmer (Masters MTB/Cross)
– Jaques Bernier (Masters MTB)
– Micheline Bernier (Masters MTB)
– Bill Hellems (Masters MTB)
– Joe Rousseau (Masters Road)
– Rob Anderson (Masters Road/MTB)
– Cathy Williams (MultiSport/Running/Cyclocross)
– Chris Helwig (Duathlon/Running)
– James Delodder (Duathlon/Running)
– Lindsay Glassford (Triathlon/Running)
– Joanne Glassford (Triathlon/Running)
– Sacha St. Germain (Triathlon/Running)
– Jenn Ogg (Triathlon/Running)
– Jodie Zimmer (Triathlon/Running)
– Pamela Allan (Triathlon/Running)
– Donny Klassen (Running)
– Janice Helwig (Running)
– Annette Harburn (Running)

2015 Sponsors:
РTed Velikonja  РPortfolio Manager Рwww.cibcwg.com/web/ted-velikonja
– TrudellMedical/ProResp – Aerosol Delivery Devices – www.trudellmed.com / www.proresp.com
– CoachChris.ca – Endurance Coaching – www.coachchris.ca
– Scott Bikes – Road, MTB & TT Bikes – www.scott-sports.com
– Cathy Williams CPA, CA – Accounting Services – www.cathywilliamsca.ca
– Octto Components – Cycling Components – www.octto.com
– WordFrog – French Tranlation – www.wordfrog.ca
– North London Chiropractic – Chiropractic & Massage – www.northlondonchiropractic.com
– CR Courier – Courier Service – rowley_connie@yahoo.ca


3 Comments For This Post

  1. Ben Aroundo, ON, Canada says:

    1. What is a good/great coach? 1. He or she must have been coached by a successful winning coach who also came from a long line of successful winning coaches. 2. Must have at least 25 years of racing experience in his/her racing discipline. 3. Must have at least a Level III NCCP coaching government certificate (shows honesty and commitment). This is minimal. Then every year you coach is an experience bonus that can lead to success. People spending good money, ask for their qualifications and ask to see their licenses. We should stop playing games. Ontario has to start catching up to International standards.

  2. Chris Helwig, ON, Canada says:

    I was Coached by Ross Chafe, 1984 Olympic alternate. I have 24 years of racing experience, so 1 year short of your standard. I am Level III certified in both Road and Track. I have been Coaching successfuly since 1994, full time Coaching sice 2004.

  3. Ashley Barson, Ontario, Canada says:

    Ben Aroundo – Not sure what steamed this comment, but a stab at Chris’ coaching abilities are completely uncalled for. Chris has run a successful business and team for numerous years, which shouldn’t be discredited. He is qualified not only by the standards mentioned above, but also by those athletes that have chosen to make Chris their coach as a means of achieving their individual goals and success in sport.

    Not only was Chris successful as a racer himself, he has proven to be a GREAT coach over the years to many athletes across many disciplines of cycling, self-included. Understanding the simple fact that not everyone being coached has the desire to train at the elite level or sets a goal to represent their country on the world stage, he coaches varying levels of athletes and there is more to those standards which make up a GREAT coach, and Chris has those qualities.

    All the best in 2015 to the CoachChris.ca/Ted Velikonja/Trudell Medical team!

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