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CoachChris.ca/Ted Velikonja Cycling Team

release by CoachChris.ca/Ted Velikonja Cycling Team

December 01, 2011 – The CoachChris.ca/Ted Velikonja Team is pleased to announce their roster and sponsors for 2012.  We are very pleased to have Ted Velikonja returning as Co-Title Sponsor as well the addition of Trudell Medical/ProResp and Science in Sport.  The team will race as a provincial trade team in 2012 with a mix of Road, Mountain, Track and MultiSport athletes..  The team will constest races in Ontario, Quebec  and some U.S. races with the focus on National Championships for many of the athletes.  This will be the 10th year for the team and it hopes to have another strong season in 2012
Following are the teams riders and sponsors for 2012:

– Kylie Starrs U13 Road
– Natalya Mathieu U13 Road
– Robert Starrs U15 Road
– Emily Thomas  U17 MTB
– Liam Convey Thompson U17 Road
– Rachel Blair U17 Road
– Siobhan Kelly U17 MTB/Cross
– Joseph Balasch U17 MTB
– Aaron Thomas U19 MTB
– Stacey Forbes U23 MTB
– Daniel McKenzie Picot U19 Road/Track
– Emily McKenzie Picot U23 Road/Track
– Sarah McKenzie Picot U23 Road/Track
– Stephanie Bester U23 Road/Track
– Ryan Power Senior Road
– Andrew House Senior Road
– Andrew Flanagan Senior Road
– Chris Barson Senior MTB/Cross
– Wally Tykoliz Masters MTB
– Anna Tykoliz Masters MTB/ITT
– David Starrs Masters Road
– Brad Nicol Masters Road
– Ted Velikonja Masters Road
– David Kay Masters Road
– Jeff Kehler Masters Road
– Doug Jamieson Masters Road
– Greg Palmer Masters MTB
– Jaques Bernier Masters MTB
– Micheline Bernier Masters MTB
– Bill Hellems Masters MTB
– Joe Rousseau Masters Road
– Paul Micsko Masters Road
– Rob Anderson Masters Road/MTB
– Pete Gemakas Masters Road/MTB
– Matt Smith Masters Road/MTB
– Steve Smith Masters Road
– John de Boer Masters Road
– Martin Grimes Masters MTB/Cross
– Chris Helwig Duathlon/Running
– Sacha St. Germain Triathlon/Running
– Kate Peterson Triathlon/Running
– Margaret Menzell Triathlon/Running
– Teresa Pitek Triathlon/Running
– Allyson Henley Triathlon/Running
– Jaimie Baisley Triathlon/Running
– Tony Frost Triathlon/Running
– Blair Mott Duathlon/Running
– Jenn Ogg Triathlon/Running
– Janice Helwig Running
– Debbie Todgham Running
– Annette Harburn Running


– Ted Velikonja – Portfolio Manager – www.cibcwg.com/web/ted-velikonja
– Trudell Medical/ProResp – Aerosal Delivery Devices – www.trudellmed.com  www.proresp.com
– CoachChris.ca – Endurance Coaching – www.coachchris.ca
– SIS Sport Supplements – Leaders in Sports Nutrition – www.scienceinsport.com
– Scott Bikes – Road, MTB and TT Bikes – www.scott-sports.com
– North London Chiropractic  – Chiropractic and Massage – www.northlondonchiropractic.com
– Valley Home Inspection – Home Inspections Services – valleyhomeinspection@rogers.com

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