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Classique Montréal-Québec City Louis Garneau Full Results, Photos – Passeron Wins

by pedalmag.com

August 16, 2010 (Quebec City, QC) – Aurélien Passeron (Fra) Garneau Club Chaussures won the 239km Classique Montréal-Québec City Louis Garneau, on Sunday with William Goodfellow (Can) Bikereg.com/Cannondale in second and Charles Vives (Can) SpiderTech p/b Planet Energy in 3rd. The race is oldest and longest bike race in North America and celebrated its 62nd edition this year.


1. Aurélien Passeron (Fra) Garneau Club Chaussures 5:37:14
2. William Goodfellow (Can) Bikereg.com/Cannondale
3. Charly Vives (Can) SpiderTech p/b Planet Energy 0:10
4. François-Charles Malo (Can) Dynamiks De Contrecoeur
5. Pierrick Naud (Can) Rocky Mountain/CIBC Wood Gundy
6. Yannick Bédard (Can) Gaspésien
7. Christian Deshaies (Can) Bikereg.com/Cannondale
8. Antoine Matteau (Can) Gaspésien
9. Keven Hazzard (Can) Jet Fuel
10. Mathieu Fillion (Can) Club Cycliste Quebec Metro
11. Kevin Wolfson (USA) Team Ora p/b Independent Fabrication
12. Philippe Lacasse (Can) Rocky Mountain/CIBC Wood Gundy
13. Dominic Chalifoux (Can) Trek-Curaprox
14. Laurent Dallaire (Can) Rocky Mountain/CIBC Wood Gundy
15. Antoine Duchesne (Can) VC Cycle Régis
16. Robbie King (USA) Team Ora p/b Independent Fabrication
17. Derrick St-John (Can) Garneau Club Chaussures
18. Luc Mahler (Can) Scott Racing
19. Kevin Massicotte (Can) Rocky Mountain/CIBC Wood Gundy
20. Giovanni Traina (Can) Le Yéti
21. Vincent Quirion (Can) Gaspésien
22. Benjamin Martel (Can) Team Spirit/Cannondale p/b Rhus Element
23. Mathieu Charruau (Can) Nativo-PG
24. Aaron Fillion (Can) Ride With Rendall
25. Mathieu Fortier (Can) Guru-Cinelume
26. Mike Woods (Can) Scott Racing
27. Ryan Aitcheson (Can) Jet Fuel 0:23
28. Matteo Dal-Cin (Can) Rocky Mountain/CIBC Wood Gundy 0:33
29. François Doyon (Can) Guru-Cinelume 0:39
30. John Mcgill (USA) Gaspésien 0:40
31. Stephen Keeping (Can) Scott Racing
32. Christian Ouellet (Can) Dynamiks De Contrecoeur
33. Andrew McColough (USA) Gaspésien
34. Mathieu Roy (Can) Team Spirit/Cannondale p/b Rhus Element
35. Eric Pare (Can) Trek-Curaprox
36. Mason Hanrahan (Can) Euro-Sports/Foodexy/Dal-Cin
37. Marc Boudreau (Can) Scott Racing
38. Jean-François Racine (Can) Garneau Club Chaussures
39. Pierre Boilard (Can) Team Spirit/Cannondale p/b Rhus Element
40. Justin Hall (Can) Garneau Club Chaussures
41. Shaun Mccarthy (Aus) Garneau Club Chaussures
42. Vinnie Scalia (USA) Team Ora p/b Independent Fabrication
43. Guillaume Bilodeau (Can) Gaspésien
44. Alexandre Ste-Croix (Can) CC Rossi Lachine
45. Martin Gosselin (Can) Club Cycliste Quebec Metro 0:46
46. Pascal Bussieres (Can) Team Spirit/Cannondale p/b Rhus Element 1:13
47. Mathieu Borduas (Can) Le Yéti 1:26
48. Pierre-Étienne Boivin (Can) Team Spirit/Cannondale p/b Rhus Element
49. Samuel Gosselin-Simard (Can) Gaspésien
50. Peter Morse (Can) Jet Fuel
51. James Langedyk (Aus) Garneau Club Chaussures 1:32
52. Chris Freeland (Can) Jet Fuel 1:39
53. Nicholas Geoffrion (Can) Dynamiks De Contrecoeur
54. Dave Byer (Can) Jet Fuel
55. Vincent Courcy (Can) Le Yéti 1:42
56. Charles-André Bilodeau (Can) VC Cycle Régis
57. Louis-Charles Lacroix (Can) Gaspésien
58. Owen Eastmond (Can) CC Rossi Lachine
59. Kianoush Missaghi (Can) Dynamiks De Contrecoeur
60. Frederic Ouellet-Lacroix (Can) Team Spirit/Cannondale p/b Rhus Element
61. Alexandre Boiteau (Can) Trek-Curaprox 1:47
62. Miguel Agreda (Can) Garneau Club Chaussures
63. Evan Cooper (USA) Team Ora p/b Independent Fabrication
64. Shaun Adamson (Can) Scott Racing 1:50
65. David Dulude (Can) Nativo-PG 2:15
66. Martin Vinet (Can) Trek-Curaprox
67. Maxime Lepluart (Can) Club Cycliste Quebec Metro
68. Simon Gagnon-Brassard (Can) Nativo-PG 2:22
69. Vincent Levesque (Can) VC Cycle Régis 2:44
70. Mike Nash (Can) Ride With Rendall 3:41
71. Gabriel Michaud (Can) Nativo-PG 4:49
72. Steve Weller (USA) Bikereg.com/Cannondale 4:50
73. Emerson Oronte (USA) Team Ora p/b Independent Fabrication
74. Jerome Townsend (USA) Bikereg.com/Cannondale
75. Alexi Richer (Can) Le Yéti
76. Steve Meyer (Can) Jet Fuel
77. Greg Reain (Can) Ride With Rendall 5:25
78. Jacques Cormier (Can) Le Yéti 5:31
79. Joël Dion-Poitras (Can) Garneau Club Chaussures 9:25
80. Jean-Sébastien Perron (Can) Garneau Club Chaussures 9:25
81. Nathan Underwood (Can) Ride With Rendall 18:51
82. Gabriel Drouin (Can) Archibald Genetik Sole 20:41
83. Éric Merlin (Can) Archibald Genetik Sole 20:55
84. Edward Forest (Can) Iris 22:33
85. Michel Henri (Can) Iris
86. Mathieu Fleury (Can) Iris
87. Martin Goineau (Can) CC Rossi Lachine
88. Carol Migneault (Can) Gaspésien
89. Yorick Caron (Can) Guru-Cinelume 23:58
DQ Dany Belley (Can) Team Spirit/Cannondale p/b Rhus Element
DQ Carl Grenier (Can) VC Cycle Régis
DNF Josh Dillon (USA) Bikereg.com/Cannondale
DNF Shannon Morgan (USA) Bikereg.com/Cannondale
DNF Alister Ratcliff (USA) Bikereg.com/Cannondale
DNF Vincent Veilleux (Can) Gaspésien
DNF Joël Pelletier (Can) Iris
DNF Claude Crepeau (Can) Iris
DNF Yves Lefebvre (Can) Trek-Curaprox
DNF Eric Provost (Can) Trek-Curaprox
DNF Vemvra Ryosoke (Jpn) Guru-Cinelume
DNF Olivier Beauvais (Can) Guru-Cinelume
DNF Francis Desjardins (Can) Guru-Cinelume
DNF J-F Fortin (Can) Guru-Cinelume
DNF Rony Berbari (Can) Dynamiks De Contrecoeur
DNF William Blackburn (Can) Dynamiks De Contrecoeur
DNF Eric Giroux (Can) Archibald Genetik Sole
DNF Eric Lehoux (Can) Archibald Genetik Sole
DNF Charles Ostigy (Can) Archibald Genetik Sole
DNF François Martel (Can) Archibald Genetik Sole
DNF Jérôme Normand (Can) Archibald Genetik Sole
DNF Nicolas Dignard (Can) Archibald Genetik Sole
DNF Michel Fortin (Can) Archibald Genetik Sole
DNF Gabriel Babin (Can) Club Cycliste Quebec Metro
DNF Jeremy Durrin (Can) Wheelhouse/NCC
DNF Alec Donahue (Can) Wheelhouse/NCC
DNF Brad Warren (Can) Wheelhouse/NCC
DNF Matt Mainer (Can) Wheelhouse/NCC
DNF Adam Sullivan (Can) Wheelhouse/NCC
DNF Mukunda Feldman (Can) Wheelhouse/NCC
DNF Sébastien Lacroix (Can) Le Yéti
DNF Mathieu Fradet (Can) Le Yéti
DNF Hugues Lapointe (Can) Nativo-PG
DNF Antoine Malo (Can) Nativo-PG
DNF Marc-Wayne Addison (Can) Nativo-PG
DNF Gabriel Girard (Can) Nativo-PG
DNF Thomas Devisscher (Can) Ride With Rendall
DNF Casey Roth (Can) Ride With Rendall
DNF Jim Tsilemos (Can) Ride With Rendall
DNF Glen Rendall (Can) Ride With Rendall
DNF Martin Zollinger (Can) Ride With Rendall
DNF Stephane Bisbikos (Can) CC Rossi Lachine
DNF Joseph Power (Can) CC Rossi Lachine
DNF Adam Kleyinas (Can) CC Rossi Lachine
DNF Dominic Picard (Can) CC Rossi Lachine
DNF Stephane Chainé (Can) CC Rossi Lachine
DNF Shawn Clarke (Can) Scott Racing
DNF Matt Deluco (Can) Euro-Sports/Foodexy/Dal-Cin
DNF Francis Clarke (Can) Euro-Sports/Foodexy/Dal-Cin
DNF Rodrigo Diaz (Can) Euro-Sports/Foodexy/Dal-Cin
DNF Greg Boilleau (Can) Euro-Sports/Foodexy/Dal-Cin
DNF David Munoen (Can) Euro-Sports/Foodexy/Dal-Cin
DNF Duncan Beard (Can) Euro-Sports/Foodexy/Dal-Cin
DNF Maxime Joly-Smith (Can) Rocky Mountain/CIBC Wood Gundy
DNF J-F Laroche (Can) VC Cycle Régis
DNF David Maltais (Can) VC Cycle Régis
DNF Martin Ste-Marie (Can) VC Cycle Régis
DNF Jean-Christian Bizier (Can) VC Cycle Régis
DNS Jean-François Leduc (Can) Gaspésien
DNS Alexandre Nadeau (Can) Guru-Cinelume
DNS Alexandre Aubies (Can) Club Cycliste Quebec Metro
DNS Etienne Samson (Can) Club Cycliste Quebec Metro
DNS François Préfontaine (Can) Nativo-PG
DNS Yannick Gaudet (Can) Nativo-PG

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