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Classique Louis-Garneau Montréal-Québec 2004

August 9, 2004 – Dom Perras (Ofoto) took the 6-hour, epic ride from Montreal to Quebec on Sunday, August 8th, soloing away in the rain on the final climb. After a day full of attacks, breaks and chasebacks, it was in the closing hills the race was determined. Check out the photos from Antoine Becotte..

1. Dom Perras (Ofoto)
2. Christophe Chesaux (Espoirs de Laval)
3. Mathieu Toulouse (Gears)
4. Jean Sebastien Maheu (Opus)
5. Robbie King (LG)
6. Maxime Vives (Espoirs de Laval)
7. Darko Ficko (La Bicicletta)
8. Buck Miller (Jet Fuel)
9. Joe Giuliano (Italpasta)
10. Claude Samson
11. Stig Somme (Jet Fuel)
12. Jean Sebastien Beland (Opus)
13. Jean Sebastien Zarha (Equipe Perigny)
14. Mathias Letendre (St. Foy)
15. Chris Isaac (Italpasta)
16. Jean Valenti (MBRC)
17. Mathieu Roy (Equipe Perigny)
18. Jason Baer (LG)
19. Bruno Lafontaine (Equipe Perigny)
20. Adam Wade (Bikesports)
21. Brandon Sant (VCOM)
22. France Vigier (Sherbrooke)
23. Jerome Cote (Ste. Foy)
24. Ed Maset (Pavan)
25. Marc Cote (Ofoto)

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