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Classique Chlorophylle Opens Quebec Season

April 24 2006 — While Cadets and Masters racers had “spring classic” weather, male and female Seniors and Juniors had to deal with weather with a more Belgian flavour “”rain, rain and more rain “” to kick off the Quebecois cycling season. The race route was fairly flat with two false flats and one small hill leading to the start-finish. As a result of the flat course, the pace was fast and furious in the Senior Men’s race, with constant attacks up the only hill and games of catch-me-if-you-can along the windswept route.

Along with the rain came slick and uneven pavement — a hallmark of Quebecois racing — which resulted in numerous crashes in both Senior Men 1-2 and 3-4 pelotons. Harsh conditions sent almost half of the men’s Senior 3-4 field to the “˜broom wagon’ and a few Senior 1-2 riders to the hospital. The Senior men’s peloton fractured after roughly three laps of the race, giving way to a small lead pack and a hefty chase pack. After 95K, the outcome was decided via a three-way sprint out between Mathieu Roy (Louis-Garneau/Optik), Jean-François Laroche (Sleeman/Clear Énergie), and Phil Cortes (Louis-Garneau/Optik) who came in first, second, and third respectively.

In the Senior Women’s race, Joelle Numainville (Biovail) launched a smoking attack from the start in an attempt to splinter the pack. Joannie Caron (Louis-Garneau/Optik) and Johanne Cyr (Ste Foy Metor) were the only riders to hang onto Numainville’s wheel coming in after the new Biovail team member. Caron and Cyr battled for the remaining steps on the podium, coming in second and third respectively.

Senior Men 95K
1- Mathieu Roy, Louis-Garneau/Optik, 2 :21 :23
2- Jean-François Laroche, Sleeman/Clear Énergie, same time
3- Phil Cortes, Louis-Garneau/Optik, 2 :21 :25

Senior Women 57K
1- Joëlle Numainville, Biovail, 1:38:33
2- Joannie Caron, Louis-Garneau Optik, same time
3- Johanne Cyr, Ste Foy Qc Métro, same time

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