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Ciociaro Series Race No.1 Report, Results, Photos

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A Race  ©  Chyla Clarkson
April 29, 2016 (Windsor, ON) – The Ciociaro Race Series has commenced with 10 events comprising this years schedule. Held on a 1.2 km cycling specific track in Windsor Ontario, this Series has a long tradition of providing some great racing over the Spring and Summer months culminating in the historic Tour di Via Italia being held this year on Sunday, September 4th, 2016. Be sure to follow along with race reports, videos, and event information (including a +$17,000 race purse) at the Tour di Via Italia facebook page here.

C-Wmn_Race copy
B Race  ©  Chyla Clarkson


C Race 04/21/16

1. Ben Wolf (Integrity Mold)
2. Rod Shepley (Kirwin Partners)
3. Blaire Kniaziew Gervais (Tower International)
4. Dionne Shepley (Kirwin Partners)
5. Todd Graham (ESR)
6. Jody Cloutier (ESR)
7. Kim Rochelieau (Tower International)
8. John Talbot (Wolverine Sports Club)
9. Greg Brklacic (Independent)
10. Sydney Kale (Tower International)

B Race 04/21/16

1. Brad Laporte (Kirwin Partners)
2. Connor Caba (Intergrity Mold)
3. Jim Toews (Kirwin Partners)
4. Phil Hime (Independent)
5. Manuel Gaudario (Tower International)
6. Patrick Bell (Kirwin Partners)
7. Dave Muzzatti (Kirwin Partners)
8. TBD
9. Brendan Payne (Integrity Mold)
10. Chris Carvallo (Tower International)

A Race 04/21/16

1. Daniele DeFranceschi (London Honda/Integrity)
2. Russ VanEvery (Tower International A)
3. Matt Mousseau (Tower International A)
4. Paolo Eugeni (London Honda/Integrity)
5. Dylan Lanspeary (Tower International A)
6. Luke Mullis (Andrie/Machine Star)
7. Dean Schives (Kirwin Partners)
8. Jason Woods (Tower International B
9. Sean Ryan (Tower International A)
10. Joshua O’Neil (ESR)

More Info @:
– Cociaro Cycling Club here.
– Tour di Via Italia here.

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