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Chuck Hodge – Event Management Presenter at OCA\’s Seminar Weekend

October 5, 2005 – This year’s Cycling Celebration weekend features distinguished guest speakers with a background not only in cycling but also in sponsorship and event management. One of the guest speakers is Chuck Hodge, who will be talking about the specifics on organizing cycling events.

With a resume that includes racing experience, being a technical and race director, Chuck will talk about all aspects of event organization. He has seen all sides of the event — as an athlete, an organizer, technical director and commissaire.

Chuck will be discussing his cycling and event management experience from small events all the way up to large events like the Tour de Georgia — one of the largest road races in North America.

Chuck’s seminar is on Saturday, November 19 from 3.30pm to 5.00 pm at the Radisson Suites East Room). Chuck follows another guest speaker, Laird Knight, who will be speaking about event sponsorship from 1:45 to 3:15pm. Limited seats available — please book your seat now.

Call 416.426.4216 to reserve space today.

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