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Chris Uy Fundraiser

courtesy of Mildred's Temple Kitchen

May 10, 2020 (Toronto, ON) – Friends from the industry – Mildred’s Temple Kitchen will be holding a fundraiser Chris Uy on the evening of Tuesday, May 11th @ 8:00 pm to help support Chris Uy and his family during his recovery. Chris was recently involved in a serious cycling accident on Friday while participating in the Hamilton Good Friday Race.

Drink+ Food + Friends = A Helping Hand

Chris Uy is a good food defender and friend to Toronto taste buds everywhere, inspired more than just our guests @ MTK. A great friend, father and comrade, Chris rolled up his sleeves and was instrumental in the infant years of Mildred’s Temple Kitchen. He’s worked with some of Toronto’s Best at Windsor Arms, Ultra and Easy on the Fifth to name a few.

He has been an inspiration to our industry and that’s why we request your support on May 11th to raise money to help him through his recovery. Chris is an avid and passionate cyclist who trained for as many hours as he clocked in the kitche. During the Hamilton Good Friday Race Chris was involved in every cyclists worst nightmare – a pack crash. He’s been in intensive care with severe head injuries but just tow days ago he gave us a thumbs up. Your support will help pave the way for Chris’ recovery.

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