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Cheakamus Challenge 2005

September 26, 2005 — Last Saturday was a perfect day for the Cheakamus Challenge event, a 72.5-kilometre point-to-point mountain bike race from Squamish to Whistler, B.C., which has traditionally wrapped up the province’s racing season for the past 20-odd years.

Max Plaxton (BC, Maxxis-MSC) won a very close men’s race in which he passed junior-aged Neal Kindree (BC, Team Squamish), who had been leading most of the race, right at the finish. Plaxton’s winning time was 3:10:14, only two seconds faster than Kindree’s. Ricky Federau (BC, Gears Racing) finished third, 3:42 minutes back.

Trish Sinclair (BC, Scott USA) took the top spot in the women’s race, beating out second place, Meghan Kindree (BC, Team Squamish), by 6:45. Sinclair stopped the clock at 4:00:29. Joanna Harrington (BC) pulled into third place.

James Crowe (BC) won the junior men’s race, completing the route over three minutes ahead of Jeff Clarkson (BC), who finished in second spot. Norrie Henderson (BC) finished third.

The grueling course contained over 2000 metres of vertical gain, but the sunny, cool weather made for an ideal race day. With such favourable conditions, Plaxton was able to average over 22 kph.



1. Max Plaxton (BC, Maxxis-MSC) 3:10:14
2. Neal Kindree (BC, Team Squamish) at 0:02
3. Ricky Federau (BC, Gears Racing) 3:42
4. Kris Sneddon (BC, Kona-Les Gets) 7:00
5. Michael Hunter (BC) 14:11
6. Andreas Hestler (BC, Rocky Mountain-Business Objects) 14:12
7. Sven Sturm (BC) 18:10
8. Ryan Edwards (BC) 18:39
9. Kevin Calhoun (BC) 19:36
10. Matt Bodkin (BC) 20:22


1. Trish Sinclair (BC, Scott USA) 4:00:29
2. Meghan Kindree (BC, Team Squamish) at 6:45
3. Joanna Harrington (BC) 7:47
4. Kate Aardal (BC) 13:28
5. Jean Ann McKirdy (BC, Rocky Mountain-Business Objects) 22:56
6. Hillary Harrison (BC) 37:33
7. Christy Love (BC) 37:57
8. Amanda Butler (BC) 39:16
9. Melanie Lewis (USA) 40:18

Junior Men

1. James Crowe (BC) 3:45:31
2. Jeff Clarkson (BC) at 3:36
3. Norrie Henderson (BC) 22:58
4. Kyle Kennedy (BC) 26:09
5. Owen Harrison (BC) 35:36

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