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CCA’s Executive Director Resigns

After nearly 20 years at the Canadian Cycling Association (CCA), Patrick
Healy has left to become a senior sport analyst with Sport Canada. In 1983,
Healy joined the CCA’s staff as National Team co-ordinator, and eventually
held the post of executive director for eight years.

Healy was there to see cycling greats such as Steve Bauer, Curt Harnett,
and Alison Sydor develop, supported by a national sports program that had
money. During the ’90s, government cuts sliced the CCA’s budget by more
than $100,000. It was at this time that Healy was promoted executive
director. He felt the introduction of mountain biking at the 1996 Olympics
and headlines from top performers such as Alison Sydor, helped revitalize
the sport.

Healy helped to create many CCA successes such as National Team programs
that increased from 12 to 60 projects per year. Currently, the CCA’s
Director of Racing, Pierre Hutsebaut, is acting executive director until
the position is filled.

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