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CCA Talent ID Development Camp – Report and Photos

report by Allan Leparskas

January 29, 2009 (London, ON) – The first day of camp was a hit! Richard and the coaching staff are doing a top notch job, I can see already that he knows what he’s doing and is pointing us in the right direction. Camps like these are great and get everyone out working hard and having fun which builds a team. Having small group discussions between sessions is a great idea and it’s something that we witnessed and participated recently in Manchester. Having that feedback there is great and really helps because the next time you’re on the track you can change what you’re doing or try something different.

As for myself, the plan is to keep training harder and smarter and hopefully it will pay off. I would like to actually compete at Jr. Worlds in the sprint (not just make the time standard!). There are certain sacrifices that need to be made, but I am ready. In all honesty i have no idea where i am headed but i am open to new ideas to keep going fast and turning left!

Jee-wiz i wish i had this kind of enthusiasm in school!

Read a short note about my recent trip to Manchester here.

This was absolutely wonderful – not only seeing and using the world class facilities but the whole experience. To sum it all up the trip was a real eye-opener, it made me see what had to be done to reach the next level, and what the top nations in cycling are doing to get there. The boys there are just that notch up and they have their heads on right with the coaching staff to back it up.

Now that I’ve experienced this I know that I need to pick up my game, Gordon Singleton told us – the four juniors that went to Manchester – something that I think is very important: “Chris Hoy does not pick up anything that does not have a benefit to his cycling.” This is the kind of thinking that will help any athlete take it to the next level. Then again people will be people, and I think it’s necessary to swerve across the line (no pun intended) once in a while, but one must know the task at hand and not get out of control. Simple things like a good diet can translate positively to the bike, it’s all the little things that add up. That’s all for now… it’s late and I’m SPENT!

Allan Leparskas

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