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CCA Long-Term Athlete Development

June 30, 2005 – The Canadian Cycling Association would like to invite all interested coaches and athletes to a brief presentation of the CCA Long-Term Athlete Development planning process on Wednesday, July 6 in Kamloops, BC.

Thanks to special funding from Sport Canada, the CCA is part of the first major wave of Canadian sports governing bodies to begin work on LTAD. To put it simply, LTAD is the framework for Canadian Cycling. It helps us understand the roles and responsibilities of everyone in the Canadian cycling community, and it helps us identify gaps in the system and how best to address them.

Work on the CCA LTAD began in February with the formation of a working group made up of coaches, athletes and administrators. So far, we have an outline of LTAD, conducted an analysis of the cycling disciplines and we are proceeding with data mining to add more detail to that analysis. We have also consulted with provincial associations and coaches outside the working group. Now, we’d like to have feedback from you.

CCA High Performance Director Kris Westwood will lead the presentation, which begins at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, July 6, after the managers’ meeting for the Tim Hortons National Road Championships. The presentation will take place in the same room as the managers’ meeting at the Coast Canadian Inn.

If you have any questions, please contact Kris Westwood at kris.westwood@canadian-cycling.com.

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