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CCA-Hamilton 2003 Road Cycling Foundation News

June 23, 2005 (Ottawa) – Linda Jackson, President of the CCA-Hamilton 2003 Road Cycling Foundation and Bill Kinash, President of the Canadian Cycling Association, are pleased to announce the set-up of the Road Cycling Foundation. The Foundation, headquartered at the CCA’s office in Ottawa, is a result of the $1.2 million legacy generated by the 2003 Road World Championships, held in Hamilton October 9-13, 2003.

The Foundation is established with approximately $640,000. The Board has undergone some changes from the original set-up and now consists of the following individuals:

– Linda Jackson, President – Previous National team member
– Brian Jolly, Vice President -Former CCA President and Member of the UCI Road Commission
– Ross Chafe, Secretary-Treasurer – Previous National team member
– Steve Lacelle, Ex officio Director – CCA Chief Operating Officer

The Foundation board accepted Pierre Hutsebaut’s resignation as Director and Secretary Treasurer in February of 2005. Ross Chafe was elected to replace Pierre; and Steve Lacelle, the CCA Chief Operating Officer, was added as an Ex Officio director.

The Foundation has two additional members: Pierre Hutsebaut and Steve Bauer, previous national team member and recent Hall of Fame inductee.

“We are very pleased to have finalized the Bylaws and be in a position to begin supporting the development of Canada’s next generation of cycling talent”, stated Linda Jackson. “We have a strong team of individuals with substantial business and sport knowledge whose goals are to fund appropriate CCA initiatives to ensure the support of Canada’s developing road cyclists for
years to come”.

“Now that we’ve completed the set-up of the Foundation I am satisfied that the extra effort will pay dividends as we leverage both the outstanding cycling experience and business/marketing skills of all of the Foundation members”, added Bill Kinash.

The primary objective of the Foundation is to support the CCA’s programs regarding long term development of young road racing cyclists. Projects submitted to the Foundation for consideration must come through the CCA Chief Operating Officer. The Foundation will study the projects and make decisions on funding before the end of December of each year.

For more information on the Foundation, contact Steve Lacelle at the Canadian Cycling Association, 613-248-1353 #2601.

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