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CCA Announces Final Selections for 2008 MTB Worlds

June 9, 2008 – The Canadian Cycling Association is pleased to announce today the final selections to the 2008 UCI Mountain Bike World Championships, which will take place June 17-22, 2008 in Val di Sole, Italy. Following the completion of the World Cup event in Fort William, GBR, Kiara Bisaro (Elite Women XCO), Derek Zandstra (Elite Men XCO), Max Plaxton (Elite Men XCO) and Hans Lambert (Elite Men DH) have been named to the team.

Elite Men XCO
– Geoff Kabush – top-12 World Cup performance
– Seamus McGrath – top-12 World Cup performance
– Derek Zandstra – two-best Canada Cup results
– Max Plaxton – wildcard selection

Elite Women XCO
– Marie-Helene Premont – top-12 World Cup performance
– Catharine Pendrel – top-12 World Cup performance
– Kiara Bisaro – wildcard selection

U23 Men XCO
– Neal Kindree – medal at Pan Am Championships (injured and unable to attend)
– Raphael Gagne – two best Canada Cup results

U23 Women XCO
– Emily Batty – two best Canada Cup results

Junior Men XCO
– Evan Guthrie – two best Canada Cup results
– Tyson Wagler – committee choice selection
– Jonathon Boucher – committee choice selection

Junior Women XCO
– Leah Kirchmann – two best Canada Cup results
– Bianca Adolf – committee choice selection

Elite Men DH
– Steve Smith – top-16 World Cup performance
– Andrew Mitchell – two best Canada Cup results
– Charles -Alexandre Dube – committee choice selection
– Hans Lambert – committee choice selection

Elite Women DH
– Claire Buchar – top-12 World Cup performance
– Micayla Gatto – top-12 World Cup performance
– Denise Uyesugi – two best Canada Cup results
– Kim Huard – committee choice selection
– Marie-Eve Marcotte – committee choice selection

Junior Men DH
– Yann Gauvin – two best Canada Cup results
– Trenton Zoobkoff – committee choice selection
– Alex Prochazka – committee choice selection
– Philippe Cyrenne Blanchard – committee choice selection
– Rob Fraser – committee choice selection
– Simon Garstin – committee choice selection

Junior Women DH
– Miranda Miller – two best Canada Cup results

Trials Men
– James Barton – automatic selection
– Jeff Anderson – committee choice selection

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