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Catharine Pendrel Designs Her Own Louis Garneau Kit

release by Louis Garneau

February 02, 2018 – The inspiration behind the design: “Fun is fast! Fun is what keeps you motivated and loving what you do. It is what allows you to put in big hours in tough weather, to smile when you’re exhausted or discouraged, to see a race as an exciting challenge rather than a sufferfest and to keep your goals in perspective when they take longer to fulfill than you had hoped. Keeping fun at the essence of what I do, even when it’s time to get serious, is what keeps me striving for more.

Catharine Pendrel  ©  Louis Garneau
So, when Garneau asked, “What do you want to have on your kit?” My answer was pretty quick and short. “Rainbows, unicorns, mountains and trees! ”

Rainbows and unicorns for the kid in me that gets inspired by the idea of magic and wonder and also the adult that knows a big part of finding the best in yourself on any given day is believing that anything is possible.” – Catharine Pendrel

Pendrel Garneau kit  ©  Louis Garneau
Pre-order the kit designed by an Olympic Bronze medalist
Available for pre-order only until February 11. Delivery date is approximatly 4 weeks from that time.

– pre-order The Jersey here.
– pre-order The Bib here.

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