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Catharine Pendrel Breaks Collarbone Again – Will Recover Quickly

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Pendrel  ©  Michal Cerveny
April 03, 2014 – Catharine “Kika” Pendrel broke her collarbone on (no joke!) April Fools Day.  She was training into the evening, and it happened around 6pm.  She also broke her clavicle last year, but came back quickly and expects to do the same this year.

She cannot race for six weeks, but does not need surgery so that’s good news.

Kika just wrote in,  “No travel for me for a while after that crash… I’m feeling pretty pain free so far, so I’m optimistic for a speedy recovery. Bummer to miss the first World Cup though!”

“But I could at least ride away from this one.  I will not be going to the LUNA Summit on April 4-6 after all.”

Catharine later tweeted, “The second worst thing about breaking your collar bone on April 1st is having to convince people it’s not a bad joke.  Thank you for all the notes of support and encouragement.  I’m feeling good and way better off than after last year’s crash. Looking forward to getting back soon!”

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