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CastleCross – Respect the Donkey Report, Results

release by Team Escape Velocity
High five  ©  Alison Sydor
October 26, 2015 (Port Coquitlam, BC) – On Sunday October 25, 171 riders enjoyed a balmy Fall day of cyclocross racing at Port Coquitlam’s Castle Park. The sunshine and 15 C temperatures were in stark contrast to the near zero temperatures in Winnipeg at the Canadian National Cyclocross Championships.

Cody Scott (EV/dEVO) gets the holeshot in the Beginner Mens race  ©  Alison Sydor
This is the second year the City of Port Coquitlam has permitted the Castle Park venue to be used as part of the Vancouver Lower Mainland cyclocross circuit. Organizer/course designer Tobin Copley was extremely complimentary of the great support from PoCo Parks and Recreation and mayor Greg Moore. “We really appreciate Port Coquitlam allowing us to use Castle Park. The Parks and Recreation department has been very supportive of this event.” said Copley. “Castle Park is a great venue for cylocross”, he added.

Lief Rodgers sticks out a foot on a tricky descent.  ©  Alison Sydor
The course featured steep run ups, off camber grassy sections, gravel paths and enough open field space to incorporate longer straight sections linked together by twisty technical corners that kept the racers on their toes for the entire race. Although the course design was similar to the 2014 edition, the run ups were modified to make them more difficult to ride. The third run up was especially difficult this year, with a tight 180 degree switchback forcing all but the most skilled racers to dismount and run with their bikes.

Course Designer Tobin Copley: Course Designer Tobin Copley enjoying the race  ©  Alison Sydor
Racing featured categories for every age and ability level. With several of the top British Columbia based cyclocross racers at Nationals in Winnipeg, the Elite Men’s race was wide open, with Kevin Calhoun (Rocky Mountain Factory Racing) edging out professional triathlete/part time cross racer Nathan Killam (Cycosis Racing) and Sven Sturm (Red Truck Racing).

dEVo rider in the mud  ©  Alison Sydor
Morgan Cabot (Glotman Simpson Cycling Club) won the Elite women’s race, followed by Natalia Mulekova (Steed Cycles) and Kelly Jones (Steed Cycles).

The youth races featured a large contingent of riders from DEVO, the youth-development team of Escape Velocity. Not only were DEVO riders prominent in the races, the kids were also responsible for helping with the course set up and tear down after the racing ended for the day.

Cody Scott runs the barriers while Lief Rodgers and Nathan Bishop bunny hop behind.  ©  Alison Sydor
“I like putting this race together. It brings together two of my favorite things: cyclocross and my best bud Springsteen the donkey. By popular demand, next year’s edition will be called “DonkeyCross.” Let’s hope the City of Port Coquitlam will have us back in 2016,” added Copley

Results (brief)

Elite Men:

  1. Kevin Calhoun (Rocky Mountain Factory Team)
  2. Nathan Killam (Cycosis Racing)
  3. Sven Strum (Trek Ted Truck Racing)
  4. Marc Edwards
  5. Wai-Ben Wong (Glotman Simpson Cycling Club)

Elite Women:

  1. Morgan Cabot (Glotman Simpson Cycling Club)
  2. Natalia Mulekova (Steed Cycles)
  3. Kelly Jones (Steed Cycles)
  4. Megan Wolfe
  5. Amanda Sin (EV/dEVo p/b Catalyst Kinetics)

Master Men:

  1. Matt Drown (Daryl Evans Racing)
  2. Colin Campbell (EV/dEVo p/b Catalyst Kinetics)
  3. Kalle Karu
  4. Daryl Vachon
  5. Edward Lawson

Intermediate Men:

  1. Dave Struthers (Funeral Cycling)
  2. Greg Matthews (Steed Cycles)
  3. Kyle Scully
  4. Quentin Emeriau
  5. Eric Hung (Steed Cycles)

Intermediate Women:

  1. Melanie Gabanna
  2. Anna Pettersen (Steed Cycles)
  3. Tamasin Reno
  4. Lindsey Von Bloedau (EV/dEVo p/b Catalyst Kinetics)
  5. Kristin Campbell

Beginner Men:

  1. Ivo Rytir (EV/dEVo p/b Catalyst Kinetics)
  2. Scott Lyte (Gastown Cycling Association)
  3. Sean Soheim (Glotman Simpson Cycling Club)
  4. Russel Stead (EV/dEVo p/b Catalyst Kinetics)
  5. Peter Wilson

Beginner Women:

  1. Jennifer McConkey (Glotman Simpson Cycling Club)
  2. Trisha Rodgers(Daryl Evans Racing)
  3. Keely Hammond
  4. Donna Tyson
  5. Katrinna Roth (Atomic Racing Club)

Under 19 Men

  1. Von Winkelmann(Langlois Brown Racing)
  2. Evan Russell (EV/dEVo p/b Catalyst Kinetics)
  3. Michael Meade (EV/dEVo p/b Catalyst Kinetics)

Under 15 Men

  1. Nathan Bishop (EV/dEVo p/b Catalyst Kinetics)
  2. Cody Scott (EV/dEVo p/b Catalyst Kinetics)
  3. Lief Rodgers (EV/dEVo p/b Catalyst Kinetics)
  4. Evan McBeath (EV/dEVo p/b Catalyst Kinetics)

Under 17 Women

  1. Erin Usher (EV/dEVo p/b Catalyst Kinetics)
  2. Kate Matson (EV/dEVo p/b Catalyst Kinetics)

Under 15 Women

  1. Kate Matson (EV/dEVo p/b Catalyst Kinetics)
  2. Lilly Ujfalusi (EV/dEVo p/b Catalyst Kinetics)
  3. Mai Matson (EV/dEVo p/b Catalyst Kinetics)
  4. Caitlin Wallin (EV/dEVo p/b Catalyst Kinetics)

Under 13 Men

  1. Manu Moore (EV/dEVo p/b Catalyst Kinetics)
  2. Patrik Rytir (EV/dEVo p/b Catalyst Kinetics)
  3. Campbell Parrish (EV/dEVo p/b Catalyst Kinetics)

Under 13 Women

  1. Katrin Rytirova (EV/dEVo p/b Catalyst Kinetics)
  2. Geza Rodgers (Daryl Evans Racing)
  3. Susanna Ujfalusi (EV/dEVo p/b Catalyst Kinetics)

Single Speed (Open)

  1. Mark Oldenburg (Mighty Cycling)
  2. Lucas Gallagher (EV/dEVo p/b Catalyst Kinetics)
  3. Nick Berry (Mighty Cycling)
  4. Matthew Hornland (Mighty Cycling)
  5. Emily Jardine


Full Results:

Beginner Races: here.
Intermediate Races: here.
Elite Races: here.

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